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Hmm. I am kinda a day short on guest contributions, so instead of a post you can just check this out.

Patrick Moore plays the xylophone.

If you wanna write something just leave a comment in this thread and let me know. I will let you know where you can email your post to.


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Dave is off in Hawaii and probably just eating breakfast now (11:00am). What is breakfast in Hawaii like I wonder? Probably something involving pineapple?

I looked at the King Kamehameha article on Wikipedia but surprisingly there is no mention of what he typically ate for breakfast. No mention of surfing or ukuleles either.

Surfing is, however, mentioned in the Duke Kahanamoku article.

I don’t really know much about Hawaii beyond these two fellows, Pearl Harbour (the event, not the movie), the Kona Ironman and some OLN shows I’ve seen. I just know that I would like to go there someday.

If we’re lucky Dave will take a lot of pictures and write extensively about his adventures in this blog….actually, I think we all know he will do those things anyways.

Well, except for the pictures. We stole his camera’s memorystick the night of his bachelor outing and I don’t think we ever returned it. That night is the gift that keeps on giving.

I think I’ll wrap this up before stooping to the level of linking to old posts or recycling themes.

Rocket Launcher.


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I don’t run this site or anything but when got hacked via an exploit in his webcalendar I helped him out:

1. Apply security patch for Webcalendar.
2. Change the passwords on the site. Now they’re mediocre instead of weak!
3. Empty the mail inbox of 11684 messages (all received in the span of 15 minutes).
4. Get the blog, calendar and main page working again.

This work comes with no guarantees, so if it goes down again it isn’t my fault ๐Ÿ™‚

Basically someone used the exploit to run some commands on the server that resulted in Dave becoming a spammer until Lunarpages shut him down.


He’s out in BC now, so maybe he’ll give you his side of the story when he logs in.

That’s all.

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