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Radio Killed the Literacy Star

Are you looking to kill some time today?  Well, look no further, for I bring good tidings of great joy.  SilentTalkie has new content to fill your eys and ears!

Squids and Bears and Art, OH MY!

Squids and Bears and Art, OH MY!

Getting the old gal into shape has been keeping us busy, but she’s now pretty enough to be taken out in public, and the two newest articles might just be enough to keep you coming back.

One is an in-depth research paper into how the internet has essentially rendered our own memories completely useless and was written by yours truly (you can read it here).

The second, and more exciting post is the ressurection of a much-loved and oft-missed radio show in podcast form called “The Brown Couch of Leisure” (or BCOL for short).  It’s the first post in our new feature section called “STRadio” which is available for podcast, in-browser listening, download or anything else you could ever want to do with it.  The BCOL will become a regular feature on STRadio, along with other delicious audio content.  You can listen to the first STRadio show and get the full track-listing courtesy of the BCOL here.

As always, if you’d like to contribute articles, radio shows or ideas, or if you just want to get invovled in any way, check out any one of the ways to Contact Us.  And don’t forget to tell your friends and share the link-love.

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