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Weekends are for Rounding and Upping… in That Order

It’s been a while since we had a proper weekend round-up, so sit back, relax and let the summarizing begin!

Friday: Since Danielle was gone all week for work, we decided to have a proper date.  We drove to Roncesvalles  for a really nice Polish meal at Chopin Restaurant.  The food was great even though we were sitting awkardly close to the live music.  Also a plus, their beers are GIGANTIC.

We wanted to see a movie, so we headed west into the suburbs and stopped at a Cineplex Odeon.  We stood in line for 10 minutes at the express ticket thingy, only to find that it didn’t work.  Then we stood in line to buy from a real person, only to find that everything was sold but the front row.  It was a terrible experience, and their customer service was absolutely abysmal.   I spoke to TWO staff members about being dissatisfied with the advanced ticket purchase system and then having to stand in line, and neither offered any resolution.  For shame.

In disgust, we raced back downtown (where everything is better) to the Varsity Cinemas (which is also a Cineplex Odeon cinema) and had a great experience.  So I don’t blame the chain, just don’t go to the Queensway Cineplex… ever.

We saw Knocked Up and laughed ourselves stupid.  If you liked The 40 Year-Old Virgin, you’ll love this.  It’s basically the same cast and the same humour.

Saturday: We headed to a wedding shower for Ryan and Shizuka down off the Lakeshore, and then zipped off to High Park for an engagement photo shoot to try out a potential wedding photographer.  The park was packed with wedding parties, so we had to fight to get some of the locations we wanted to shoot.  I’m glad we’re getting married off-season and out of the city.   Phew.

Saturday night, we headed to the Tranzac to see “Grey’s Entourage”, a karaoke musical of epic proportions (put on by Queen’s Players, and directed by our friend Felicity Alexander, who gave up blogging a long time ago… as did her boyfriend Marty).  The show was amazing, hilarious, original, sing-a-longable and hilarious (again).  I’m seriously considering trying out for their next show.  Live music + hilarious writing + alcohol + lively and interactive crowd = hilarity.

Sunday: Getting up to be the sound guy at church was tricky, but I made it. Afterwards, Danielle and I waded into the Pride festivities (by accident, mostly) while trying to find some tasty shwarma for lunch.  We found it, and she headed to work and I headed home.

Coming up this week?  Canada Day planning and preparation, getting my Linux box back up and running so I can access my old photos and maybe a jam with the other members of Right-Click Properties (formerly known as Slow Like Big Hams).

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