On my way home yesterday, I had a sudden, intense and passing craving for pizza. It happens from time to time, and it’s easily explained by the fact that I pass at least two pizza places on my way home… a time when I’m usually insanely hungry. For some reason, this lead to the following train of thought…

  • Wouldn’t it be great to have pizza you buy at the store fresh and uncooked, and then you make it yourself?
  • Wait, Loeb pizza!!! I loved that stuff! Wow. Those were the good old days.
  • Eww, Loeb Soda. I hated that stuff! Wow. Those were the bad old days.

And, of course, the reminded me of a Canadian rap group known as Organized Rhyme. You might remember Organized Rhyme for their mad hit “Check the O.R.“… you like it so far? If that’s not enough to remember them, perhaps knowing that famous Ottawa native and former TV star Tom Green (yes, the roadkill humping, cow udder sucking star of “Freddy Got Fingered”) was the front man.

What does the O.R. have to do with pizza, you ask? Well, WAAAAAAAY back in the day, Organized Rhyme did the music for a commercial promoting Loeb pizza. It was pure hilarity (on an early 90s scale), but sadly it’s not on YouTube. Does anyone else out there remember this?

I just watched that O.R. video again… pure gold. Ha ha ha. If you’re not into Linux (which is probably all of you), then when my next post comes up, just ignore it and watch the O.R. video again… or enjoy a slice of Loeb pizza, and try to choke it down with a swig of Loeb Soda.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hell yeah, I remember this.. I ended up here doing a google search for the very same commercial.. I even remember how it started:

    Tom Green “Organized Rhyme, on time don’t be a fool dude!”
    Other Guy “$9.99 and it used to be cool food”

    The memory gets hazy after that..

  2. I saw them live in Halifax and they were a riot! Tom Green (aka MC Bones) was hilarious, wearing blue overalls from which he would produce the most absurd items. I remember a toilet brush, a bag of extra large pitas, and a Flava Flave style alarm clock.

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