If you were in Toronto last night, you could have seen one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my life.  While playing soccer, we watched the stormclouds roll in over our heads and pour down heavy rain on us.  It made for an awesome game.

After about 45 minutes, the setting western sun shone under the black stormclouds (which were still raining heavily on us) and the entire sky turned the colour of orange sherbet.  The sun was so low that buildings in to the west of the park where casting shadows on the falling raindrops.  It’s hard to explain, but it was a bit like shining a flashlight into a dusty room.  It was stunning.

Danielle is off to the great plains (Saskawatchawatchawatchewan) for a wedding this weekend, and I was looking forward to doing absolutely nothing while she was gone.  Instead, I’ll be jamming tonight, running around all day tomorrow (errands, a wedding, etc), playing music at church on Sunday and picking her up from the airport on Sunday night.  I’m really not good at this whole ‘relaxing’ thing.

I hope to have my online gallery updated on Sunday afternoon (Marty), if not tonight.  Somewhere in there I have to complete my passport application, get photos (today at lunch, I hope) and get everything signed by my guarantor.  I’m cutting it a little close to get my new passport for our wedding, but I have faith in the Canadian Passport Issuing Office.  That is, I have no choice but to have faith in the Canadian Passport Issuing Office.

I find this whole process a little strange.  I’m giving the government all sorts of information they already have about me, then giving them names and contact information for people who know me well.  In exchange for that (and some money) they’ll give me a little booklet that will (or at least should) keep me from getting an impromptu prostate exam at an international airport or border crossing.  That’s so weird.

Speaking of weird, I woke up last night around 3am and I was sitting on my window sill in my room.  I guess I was sleep walking and I must’ve woken up mid-stroll.  I was feeling frustrated about not being able to find a door, so I was probably dreaming that I was in another room somewhere.  It’s been a while since I’ve walked in my sleep, but it’s actually pretty comforting.  It usually means that I’ve hit a good deep sleep and I wake up pretty refreshed the next day.

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