Blogs can be wonderful things. I’ve been of that opinion since even before I started my own blog. Many things are necessary to maintain a high quality of posts and a loyal readership which a good blog needs. Unlike other bloggers, I was not able to do that.

But now, even if I did want to resume any kind of regular writing, creative or otherwise, I couldn’t do it on my blog. “The Menno Melange” has been usurped since I began my missionary position, or as my wife prefers to call it, our voluntary service assignment.

Still, every now and then I come up with what I think are great ideas for new blogs. Now some may say that the blog fad has passed and I may as well be coming up with cool new designs for my Lite-Brite. That may be the case, but entertain my suggestions, knowing that they will almost certainly never the see the lite of day.

So-called Christians on TV
Church-going folk don’t really get a fair shake in the media. Christian characters on TV shows are generally portrayed as backwards, narrow-minded and hopelessly out of touch with reality, and that’s just on Micheal Coren Live. So I thought, what if someone took it farther? I could write a blog from the perspective of a person who thinks that those characters professing faith in God on TV shows aren’t Christian enough. My alter-ego could write about the hypocrisy of Angela from The Office or about the theological inconsistencies of The Simpsons‘ Ned Flanders. I would also write it as though this “blogger” understands the characters in these shows to be real people. I think that’d be a nice touch.

Menno Scripts
Along a similar line, I think it would be fun to try to write scripts for ongoing TV shows. Rather than going through the procedure of submitting it to the real writers only to have it rejected, I think it would be fun to post those scripts on a blog. For example, if Corner Gas can use Oscar & Emma’s interaction with Ukranians as part one episode’s plot, then why not Mennonites, they have Mennonites in Saskatchewan. I would naturally take momentum from any positive feedback to keep writing about Mennonites in other TV shows. This would likely fail though, since I don’t watch enough current TV to write about shows people care about, and Mennonites are really all that funny to write or read about.

The Church Office
Who doesn’t love The Office? Setting aside any UK vs. US version arguments, the show’s popularity has to do with its ability to resonate with our own office work experiences and/or fears. Change a few details and characters and it’s almost any office in the world. Having worked in a church office however, I think that there is a serious amount of comedic content that is going untouched. Imagine, instead of a paper retailer, a mega-church (don’t we all love to make fun of them). It could have three or four pastors with unnecessarily long titles, one that has no filter and says too much, one that is ultra-sensitive and says too little, one is disenchanted about the ministry, one that is doing inappropriate things in their persona life, all of them fighting amongst themselves to climb higher up the totem pole, a church secretary that talks too much, various parishioners that come in regularly to complain about stuff, staff/committee meetings that go too long, etc. The rest writes itself.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these ideas, and if you like them, I’ve got some great ICQ skins I’d like you to have a look at.


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