Apparently, Google has a master plan to eat up all the dark fiber optic wire out there and run it in conjunction with a bunch of Google-made mobile data centers in order to corner advertising dollars for corporations and create an uber-google internet. I’m still working out HOW it would work, but when I do, I’m thinking I should get on board. Either by learning how to build and run a data center or by earning a ton of money and then buying some ever growing Google stock. either way, I’m going to go draw a logo and think it over.


4 Responses to “The Coming Google-net”
  1. “Either by learning how to build and run a data center…”

    Pffft. I build data centres while I eat breakfast. It’s called multi-tasking.

  2. What’s a google?

  3. Google wants to provide free wireless internet to the majority of the American population in a relatively short period of time. They’re wanting a piece of of the newly freed wireless analog TV spectrum. It’s not about the pipe (and hasn’t been for years), it’s about the content (read: ad revenue, premium services, etc).

    Oh, and porn. Lot’s of porn.

  4. Almost forgot. Since Google likes to incorporate festive logos over their usual logo on holidays, maybe you could start there. ๐Ÿ™‚

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