Everywhere I go, it seems people are complaining about how wet and cool this summer has been and I’ve been working hard to keep my mouth shut because I’ve been enjoying this summer more than most.  As I’ve mentioned in here countless times, I shut down in heat and humidity so these cool nights and frequent rainstorms have made this summer very livable for me, but even I’m starting to feel the weight of so many grey days.

Right now, my big fear is that a cool wet summer will lead into a grey and damp fall, which is not something I like.  I enjoy crisp fall days with lots of sunshine in which going for long walks in forests is ideal so even I’m hoping for warmer and sunnier days in August and September.  Perhaps it’s time to start lobbying the federal government for better weather, or maybe praying harder.  I think the latter is more likely to get the result we’re all after here.

On that note, we’re looking at a rainy weekend here in Toronto, which doesn’t vibe well for our first weekend in the city in what feels like months.  We plan on taking it easy, taking in some events, cleaning our house (which BADLY needs it) and investing in a new tent, one that will hold both us and our gear comfortably which isn’t the case with my tiny canoe tripping tent.  Does anyone have any recommendations for stuff going on this weekend that we should check out?

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  1. Want to come to the Beaches Jazz Fest with Felicity and I?

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