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Cosmetic Surgery… for our Dog

Sorry posting has been light over the last few days.  My department is currently suffering through an internal audit, and as the ‘budget guy’ that means that countless people have countless questions to which I have few answers.  I’ve been getting very closely acquainted with my email archives and sent mail as well as learning how to efficiently search my computer for long lost files.  Good times.

Our beloved hound Mojo has a date with our local vet tomorrow for some minor cosmetic surgery.  To put it simply, Mojo is having his eyes done.  Although he’s very much a lab from the neck down, his head is made up mostly of the other half of his mix, Shar-pei (aka Wrinkle Dog).  Like every other Shar-pei on earth, that means that he is a strong candidate for something called Entropion.  Simply put, he has so much excess skin on his face, that his lower eyelids actually turn inwards into his eye and the fur will rub against his eyeballs until he eventually goes blind.  We don’t want that.

From Wikipedia:

A common problem is a painful eye condition, entropion, in which the eyelashes curl inward, irritating the eye. Untreated, it can cause blindness. This condition can be fixed by surgery (“tacking” the eyelids up so they will not roll onto the eyeball for puppies or surgically removing extra skin in adolescent and older Shar Pei).

So our little guy is going to have his lower eyelids recreated with a couple of flicks of a scalpel.  This procedure was done at the OSPCA before we got him, but they didn’t take nearly enough skin off, so he’s going through it again.  He’ll be wearing a cone for a few days, so on the plus side, I get to call him “Lamphead”.  It’ll be funny for me, and he won’t get it at all.  Good times.  I’ll be sure to share photos of Lamphead.

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