Whirlyball was a resounding success, with my team barely squezzing into fourth place at the end of round robin play and narrowly getting us the last playoff spot. Then, in two thunderously quick games, we took the championship.
For “bravery and skill shown in battle”, I was awarded the league MVP (a medal made of plastic) and $20 in movie coupons. All in all, it wasn’t a shabby way to spend an afternoon. I mean, hey… it beats working, right?
There are a few drawbacks to the game though. Some people complained of sore necks from taking too many bumps. Many of these people stiffened up too much when they were hit, I think. Those of us who have played hockey (or other minor contact sports) knew how to take a bump or two, so we were okay. A problem that plagued everyone was more acute. You see, you’re sitting on a rather hard seat in the car, and you’re getting banged around. At the same time, you’re constantly pivoting on your tailbone to look around and see where the ball is. As a result, the soft tissue at the base of your tailbone (sometimes known as your ‘butt’ or ‘ass’) takes quite a beating. Mine hurt well into sunday.
I don’t know how much it costs to play Whirlyball, but I would recommend that you try it out sometime. It’s best to play with people you already know, and bring a small cushion to sit on. You won’t regret it.

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