The Ontario Government unveiled a new ‘Public Health Measure’ yesterday that dicatates that Sushi restaurants will have to stop serving fresh, raw fish for health reasons. Instead, they are expected to serve fish that has been frozen.
The government admits that there has not been one serious illness reported in Ontario as the result of sushi, but claims that it’s still acting in the best interest of Ontarians.
From my point of view, frozen fish is disgusting and this will really hurt the ‘sushi industry’ (if there is one) in Ontario. Why make a law for no reason? Anyone?

3 Responses to “The Sushi Rebellion”
  1. governments (especially Liberal ones ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) wasting a colossal amount of time and money. who would have thought?

  2. it’s fish… it’s disgusting fresh or frozen…. unless it’s fish and chips. who cares if its fresh or frozen. maybe the guy at health canada had a bad experience with sushi and wants revenge… i’d do the same!

  3. frozen fish isnt as bad as it sounds , fish has to reach minus 13 degress celsius to kill off any parasites that are in the fish, so what they do is flash freeze the fish with some really powerful equipment but they dont freeze the fish for very long at all, hence the term flash frozen, most of the sushi u eat now has already been frozen, u just cant tell hahah