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Yup, This Post is about TV

Our burger debauchery was well-timed given this week is the build-up to Thanksgiving for our friends south of the border (the US, not Mexico).  Everywhere we look on the internet and on TV, people are deep-frying turkeys, sharing recipes for yams and otherwise talking about all the foods we love.  Thanks to the beef gorging a few days ago, I’m not at all tempted to try any of these recipes anytime soon, and they aren’t succeeding in making my stomach start demanding goodies.  Not just yet, at least.

Those of us in Canada have a month to wait for our next feasting, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate with our friendly neighbours, mostly by enjoying all the Thanksgiving-themed episodes of our favourite shows on TV.  I wasn’t paying too much attention last night while Danielle was watching The Biggest Loser, but I’m pretty sure they had a challenge based on running a mile while stuffing a raw turkey.  Maybe I just dreamed that though.

I’m secretly hoping that this week’s episode of Fringe includes a trip to yet another dimension where turkeys rule the world and eat humans once a year in celebration of successful autumn human harvests from days of yore.  Modern Family will have the standard sitcom “dysfunctional family shares a meal and hilarity ensues” episode, but will somehow pull it off, and the US news shows will continue to push stories about holiday shopping deals and stories about how squash and cranberry farmers have been affected by the economic downturn.  Sorry if that spoils all the surprises for you.

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