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Can Ya Dig it?

I’ll post some sample drawings of our revised house plans once we make some final updates, but right now we have one burning question… to dig, or not to dig?

We’re adding a 15 by 28 foot two story addition on the back of our house.  When we first started this process, it sounded like we would be building on sonotube pilings (no digging required), but have since learned that our new kitchen would be FAR better served by a heated space under the floor, so our drawings now have a 3 foot high crawlspace.

Since that means digging foundation walls anyway, I’ve been dreaming of that extra 420 square feet of basement, and some internet research leads me to believe that the added cost of digging it out is pretty small (in relation to the total project cost).  I’m convinced that once the house is done, I would kick myself for not digging it out, and doing so when everything is done would be a very large, expensive headache.

In the end, I think that wasted space is just a waste.

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  1. Marty August 28th, 2015 9:22 pm

    I vote dig. We don’t have a basement below our kitchen … and I wish we did. Extra space is always better.

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