Dave Duncan

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A New Level of Sad…

Today… I will be using my Christmas bonus to finance the purchase of an Apple Computers product. No… wait… it gets worse. I’m ordering an iPod from Apple.com. No, it STILL gets worse. I’m ordering the U2 iPod. Commence your taunts and jibes. (Just keep in mind that I can’t hear them… on account of the awesome tunes coming out of my sleek black iPod that’s making you jealous)


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  1. jay December 13th, 2004 4:23 pm

    this is just the first step dave. your opening yourself up…

  2. brian December 14th, 2004 5:13 pm

    Explain to me again that if youre opening yourself up to taunts and jibes, how is it that we would be jealous?

    Also, does this mean youre selling your MD player?