Two portages and some paddling the day before meant waking up more than a little sore and groggy, but at least it was sunny and warm… ish. Our wakeup call was a feisty loon slowly flying over our site at 6am while wailing with all his might. It’s a good thing they’re pretty.

After a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs, we struck camp and doublechecked our map for our straightforward paddle to our next lake. But what’s this? Another portage? This is what can happen when you use two different maps, I suppose. So we stretched and hummed and hawed as we thought about hauling our gear another 900m after canoeing a river.

We headed off down the river (which was quite shallow and swampy) and checked out a derelict beaver lodge and one that looked to be very much in use. We saw birds and frogs a plenty, and although the sun peeked out from time-to-time, it was still a pretty cool day.

The portage ended up being really straightforward, and we enjoyed a nice paddle into Scorch Lake. We checked out a few sites before settling on one perched up on a ridge near the water. It’s easily the nicest campsite I’ve ever seen in my life.

From my tent

We struck camp, saw our first beaver (or possibly muskrat) of the trip and then started on our dinner in a light rain. The wind blew up from the west through the evening, which meant really cold air off the lake hitting us head on, but by the time we went to bed, it looked like it might clear overnight. And so, we slept.

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