In a week, I’ll be flying out to BC to visit my sister and brother-in-law who are expecting the first kid in the family (making me an uncle for the first time). I booked my week there to coincide with Deb’s due date which was right at the end of the month. Well, unlike his or her mother, this kid has decided to be early (setting a remarkable trend by Duncan standards) and Deb’s water broke last night.

At last report, she’s still at home having contractions too far apart to actually give birth. That means a couple of things. First, unless she’s in labour for a week, I’ll miss the birth. Second, it’s not likely to be a quick birth and this kid can look forward to a lifetime of hearing “I was in labour with you for 320 hours!”. Poor little munchkin.

On the plus side, he or she is going to have a wicked cool uncle who will spoil him or her any and every chance he gets.

So, not only is my professional title changing, but so is my personal one… adding ‘Uncle’ to Son, Grandson, and Brother. I guess this means I’ll have to order new business cards.

One Response to “When it Rains, It Pours!”
  1. I found your site as I tried to search for the “No Frills” sale flyer
    which starts today (we don’t get it until Friday’s paper) and the
    store was in your web address and so here I am! Firstly, happy
    birthday and I do agree it should be a recognized holiday now I am older but when I skipped high school one year on my birthday it was the most boring of days, where if I had gone to school it would have been a celebration with all my friends
    making it a real big deal, never skipped again, on my birthday anyway! I am really, according to the “URI” about a pet peeve of mine and alot of other mothers when people, such as yourself, refer to children and ESPECIALLY babies, as in
    newborns you are to become an uncle of. Maybe when you
    see this infant, part of your family, you will realize how awful it sounds. Kid’s are saved for a group of younger children and
    kid for that 10-16 year old with an attitude. I enjoyed your
    column and will bookmark it for future reading and updates.
    Most Sincerely~~~~Joanna