You may have thought I’d disappeared earlier today, but some technical issues were keeping me from my webspace. Actually, I’d inadvertently allowed my domain name to expire. I’m good until 2011 now.

It took me a while to notice and today’s been a busy day. You see, last night while you were going about your business, dark forces were at work in the world. Your very freedom was at stake, and a figurative battle of wills turned into a literal battle of armies.

The real mess started in Western Africa and spilled over into South America. From there, it poured into North America where many men were lost. Europe fell quickly, then Asia and finally… Australia. It was there that I was crowned the new Emperor of this planet. Matthew and Jared fought valiantly, but in the end my strategy (and luck with dice) won the day.

Have no fear, I will reign justly… once everyone sends me a cheque for $25. I will take my new duties seriously… so much so, that today is my last day at my present job. Why would I analyze data when I have a planet to rule over? Tomorrow morning, I’ll make my way to British Columbia to visit Tiernan the First. As my only nephew, he will be next in line for the throne until I have children of my own who will usurp him.

My flight leaves tomorrow morning at 9am, so posting will be light over the next week (depending on how readily available net access is), and then light again the week after as I start my new job as a Tech Writer. Stay posted for photos from BC and stories about the trip. Also, I’ll be posting new rules for conduct and how to get your new taxes to me, your Supreme Ruler and Emperor. I love ‘Risk’.

3 Responses to “And We’re Back… my Subjects”
  1. risk rules all…. ‘nuf said’

  2. As my first appointment, Chris is my new ‘Minister for Sport and Leisure’. His new title is ‘Lord Kissyfur of Ajax and the Eastern Territories, and Protectorate of all things Awesome’.

  3. Risk is different from street dice how? I mean other than it being less eXtreme?