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Turning Some Corners

It’s been a week of milestones in our house.  Chris turned one year old on Sunday, walked “for real” on Monday and started at his new daycare on Tuesday.  Sebby started Junior Kindergarten on Tuesday and is now a real boy (like Pinocchio, or so he says) and Danielle will be heading back to work on Thursday after a year off on maternity leave.

With the boys at different locations each weekday and Danielle and I both at work, our mornings have gotten infinitely more complicated, but we should find that rhythm pretty quickly; at least in time for the morning sunlight to start disappearing, which feels like it’s still a long way off here in Toronto.

While life has gotten busier, it’s great to move to a phase with one boy in school and our infant moving on to being a toddler.  In a few short months, we hope that they’ll be able to better entertain one another (although they’re pretty good already), freeing us up both in the mornings and evenings.

Next up?  We start planning a fall garage sale to help clear some stuff out of the house before we start packing up to move out in later winter/early spring so our house can be torn down to the foundation.  Exciting times.

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Week One of the new NEW Normal

So after all the excitement of the past year, we’re readjusting once again, this time for the long haul.  Danielle started back to work this week and Sebastian started full-time at his daycare, and with only one day left to go, I’m pretty happy with how it’s all played out.

First off, Danielle appears to be enjoying everything that comes with regular daily interaction with grown adults (both the good and bad), but like any mom, she’d much rather be back at home with our little boy.  I can’t blame her.

Sebastian seems to be thriving in his new environment and has quickly made friends with the other kids in his daycare group.  He had some early issues taking naps, but he seems to be over it, and he’s even sleeping better at home.  The bliss is short-lived as he’ll be moving to a new daycare at the beginning of September.  We managed to get him into a French-speaking daycare after we’d already committed to the one he’s in now.

This will be our first weekend together as a family after building our new weekly routine, and I’m sure we’re all looking forward to spending some quality time together.

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Gone, but not Forgotten

It’s been some time since I’ve posted an update, which is something I’ve regretted for a while now.  Frankly, I’d thought people had forgotten all about this blog, but a few friends and family have recently commented that they missed it, so I’m going to see if I can resurrect this bad boy.

To keep from falling into a guilt spiral if I can’t get a post up every day or so, I’m going to aim for one post per week.  Since the majority of my time currently revolves around work (creating Powerpoint presentations and writing and editing communications), chores at home and baby stuff, I’m assuming only the latter is something you’d want to read about.  However, I’m guessing it’s not ALL you want to read about, which is why I haven’t been posting.  I haven’t really been sure what to share.

Until last year, this blog was a pretty open diary of my life over the last seven years, and many of you (especially Kenneth) use it to search back and figure out what you were doing, if you can tie a past event to something I shared in here (camping trip, cottage weekend, hijinx of some sort).

Since Sebby has just freshly turned one, he doesn’t even have an opinion of how much of his life he’d like permanently etched into the fabric of the intarwebs, and I’ve been torn about what stories to share with the public, those to keep private within our tight circle of family and those that we’ll share with a wider group of friends.  That’s also part of the reason I haven’t shared any photos of him in here.

More recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that I might be over-thinking this.  I mean, how many of our parents created baby books for us with the ever-incriminating “bathtime photo”, and we still share that with our friends.  So long as I keep things tasteful and non-embarrassing, we should be fine.  After all, it’s not like he’s going to be turned down for a job 20 years from now because his old man posted a photo on a blog of him at his first birthday party with icing all over his face.

Mmm, icing-licious

Mmm, icing-licious (click image to see full-size)

And if that does cost you a job in the future, I’m sorry Sebastian.  But not really.

For the rest of you, you will hear from me again before midnight  on July 27, 2012.  I promise.

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A Corner Has Been Turned

It is with great pleasure I announce the latest milestone in the life our now 8-month old son.  While his first teeth (all 5 of them) have already come in, and he’s able to sit up on his own and do a very speedy army crawl (arms only, he’s just getting his feet and legs into the game now), there is one big accomplishment that has eluded him, and us.

For the first time in his relatively short life, Sebastian slept through the entire night.  I’m a little goosebumpy just typing that, but it’s true.  Danielle got him up in wee hours for a ‘dream feed’, but he even slept through that.  For nearly 8 hours, he didn’t make a peep, and even woke up in a good mood, cooing and chatting with the toys in his room.

With the warm weather of late, we’ve had a small fan in his room to keep the cooler air moving around, and it’s probably the loudest fan in the world.  We’re suspicious that it’s the white noise that helped him stay sleeping, so we’re going to dig up an old Sleep Machine that I got Danielle years ago that simulates a number of white noises (ocean waves, rainforest, thunderstorm, etc.) and set it up in his room.

I don’t want to convince myself that this is the new normal, much like most Ontarians and our recent weather, but a man can hope.  Indeed,  a man can hope.

I’m now dreaming of whole nights of uninterrupted sleep, and my weary eyes see some light at the end of the tunnel.  Huzzah!

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Status Update

Yeah, so my promise to keep this blog updated regularly kind of slipped through the cracks… and by ‘kind of’, I mean REALLY slipped. Sorry ’bout that.  Here’s a summary update of what’s going on in our household to give you an idea of what’s been keeping from posting here.

In January, we took a trip to Brechin to visit my parents at a resort they were staying at, and we spent just over a week in beautiful Scottsdale Arizona to celebrate Matt and Allison’s wedding, so January was a bit of a whirlwind.  We also headed to Ottawa for Winterlude over Family Day weekend (a family tradition), but couldn’t skate on the canal like we do every year due to ice conditions.

Sebastian is growing like a weed and has five brand new teeth which he uses judiciously on all manner of food, toy and anything else he can get his hands on.  He’s graduated from sitting and rolling to a zippy army crawl, so we’re furiously baby-proofing the house before he starts doing wind sprints through the house.

He’s still not the greatest sleeper in the world, so Danielle and I are still more than a little sleep-deprived, but Sebby is so happy and playful during his waking hours, we hardly even notice anymore.

To add some more drama to our busy and exciting lives, I made a career change just over a week ago.  While I used to do communications in the financial services industry, I’m now doing communications in the financial services industry.  Sounds like the same job?  Sort of.  Now I’m working as a consultant, which changes the nature of the work, the pace and the environment significantly, but after a full week, I haven’t quit, so it looks like I’m in for the long haul.  It’s actually really interesting work, and a great way to give my career a boost, so I’m excited.

So life is good.  Work is going great and most importantly, Sebby and Danielle are healthy, happy and we’re all taking advantage of the time we have to spend together.

Now that all that is out of the way, I’ll be posting some more updates in the coming days, and hopefully getting back into the habit of posting here shortly.  Thanks for your patience.

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hives, Hives, HIVES!

It’s been a dramatic few days in the Duncan household, with trips to Sebby’s doctor, an after-hours clinic and our local emergency ward, but let me begin by saying everyone is doing fine.

Sebby had his regular 6-month vaccination on Wednesday, and by that evening, we noticed he’d developed some awful looking red welts on his arms, legs and face and he had a slight fever.  A trip to our local after-hours infant clinic wasn’t too much help as the doctor couldn’t confirm if it was an allergic reaction to the shot or a minor viral infection.  Sebby was still his normal self and aside from a bit of scratching when he was stripped down to his diaper, he was still his giggly and aware self.

Yesterday morning, the spots had spread and gotten redder overnight, so Danielle whisked him off to emergency where the staff confirmed it was an allergic reaction to his vaccination and we’re giving him Benadryl to counteract the reaction.

Since he’s the same old Sebby, our only confirmation that it’s working is that he’s slowly starting to look like his old self, which is a huge relief.  It seems that I’m squarely to blame for his reaction as I don’t have the best track record at reacting well to boosters (meningitis and Hep B got me insanely sick in high school, although all my infant boosters went well).

So just in time for a weekend away with my parents in Central Ontario, he’s on the mend.  Phew.

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A Regimented Life

Before Sebastian’s arrival, I had a pretty lax daily weekday routine.  My mornings were quick and brainless (ideal for me) and my evenings were spent walking the dog, spending time with Danielle, doing chores and playing around with my hobbies.

Now that things have settled at home, my routine has finally cemented, and for those of you without kids, here’s what you can look forward to.

In the morning, I get up as quietly as possible to walk and feed the dog.  He heads back to bed for more Zzzs and I get ready for work.  If I’m lucky (and Danielle isn’t), Sebastian is sort of awake and I get to spend a few minutes playing with him, otherwise I blow kisses to him and Danielle and head off to work.

Once I’m home from work, I quickly change clothes, walk and feed the dog and spend a few minutes playing with Sebastian before he eats his dinner (we’re on to pureed peas, carrots, sweet potatoes and chicken).  It’s kind of funny to me that both the dog and baby get to eat before Danielle and I do, but I’m willing to wait for better food than they get.

Once Sebby is full and cleaned up, Danielle and I get to eat while he plays in his high chair.  Lately, we’ve been able to actually eat our entire meal before he gets bored of his toys and wants to play.  Then I get a bit more playtime before we pack him off to bed.

Once he’s down and fully asleep, it’s usually sometime around 8pm and I have two hours to wash the dishes, do chores, spend some time with Danielle and otherwise veg out.  It’s a far cry from the free time I had before (both because there was less to do, and I use to stay up later because I could sleep through the night without infant interruption), but as every parent says, it’s well worth it.

Once our boy becomes a little more mobile, I’m guessing the evening routine will become even more exciting, but right now I’m just enjoying the time I get to spend with him, and I look forward to each weekend when we can spend whole days together as a family.

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Almost Half a Year

It’s shocking how fast time can fly.  Sebastian is just a few days shy of being six months old and he’s big, alert and starting on big boy food.  He’s curious about everything in the world around him, makes a variety of interesting sounds and laughs when I tickle him with my beard. 

It’s easy to lose track of how much he’s grown since we see him everyday, but just glancing back at some pictures from even a month ago, it’s striking how much he’s grown and changed.

At this point, it’s just a matter of time before he starts crawling and our lives get infinitely more interesting as our little drool machine goes mobile and I’m undecided about whether our dog will like that or not.  Given that Mojo has started paying more and more attention to Sebastian, I’m thinking that it’ll be a positive development for everyone.  At least until Sebastian jabs him in the eye with a finger as part of his ‘exploration’ (something that’s happened to me at least a dozen times now).

If only Mother Nature would give us a good dump of snow so I can show our little guy all the fun that can be had in a snowbank.  Even better if it’s on a ‘snow day’ where I can stay home and play in betwen shifts shoveling out.  Oh, but a man can dream.

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