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A Betterment Challenge

I’m always up for a challenge, and Jay has come up with a DOOZY. For those of you who are familiar with my eating habits (mostly take-out, microwaved hot dogs, and peanut butter and cheese-slice sandwiches) you’ll know how much of a change this is for me.

Here’s the challenge in Jay’s own words…

I hereby challenge Dave Duncan to eat a healthier, more nutrient rich diet for one month, effective March 1st to April 1st.
The true purpose of the challenge is to see if Dave feels better both physically and mentally as a result.
If Dave successfully completes the challenge, he will enjoy a fine dinner and drink, of his choosing, on me. A fine dinner being the likes of The Outback, The Keg, etc.

The Rules:
– Eat between 5 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Emphasis on a variety of different coloured vegetables.
– Substitute whole grain or whole wheat products wherever and whenever possible.

– Dave will also enjoy a dessert, of his choosing, on me, if he avoids all products containing MSG (monosodium glutamate).

– A serving of fruit would be one banana. A serving of carrots would be one cup. Refer here for further serving size suggestions.
– Suggest rigging up, borrowing, or getting a vegetable steamer. Steamed fresh vegetables make a quick side dish for dinners.
– Fresh vegetables should be first choice, frozen is second, canned is third.

Dave will need lots of encouragement and support from friends, especially with the whole grain products, so please put out a shout for Dave.

I hereby accept Jay’s challenge, although with much trepidation. When I first accepted, I neglected to notice the whole thing about whole grain foods… that means I’m saying goodbye to my beloved Wonderbread.

Starting March 1st, I’ll be updating my progress here in the blog, and I’ll post my meals daily on my calendar to verify that I’m not cheating. Jay passed along a PDF as well, and I’ll post that as my diet draws near.

One exception I’ve requested is that I get one day of grace… March 15th. It’s my birthday, and I’m a firm believer in celebrating with a day of self-indulgence. I’m not planning on eating a whole loaf of Wonderbread… but I’d like to leave that option open. Jay has okayed my condition.

Should I fail in my endeavour, I will treat both Jay and his wife to the same prize he offered me… a fine meal and drink for both of them. I’m sure I’ll also suffer no end of jibes and ribbing until all your throats are sore.

I have just over three days. Where’s my Wonderbread?


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