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Hamster on the Wheel

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel tired from doing a ton of work, but nothing comes of it? Or worse, you have nothing to show for it? I hate days like that. I just had a WEEK like that. I don’t imagine next week will be much better. So does that mean I should make the most out of this weekend?
I hope someone throws some lettuce in my cage at least. 😉

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American Thanksgiving

So, as I tend to do on Thursdays, I met Jen for lunch (she works close to my office one day a week… it’s complicated… just accept it) and we went to a pub for lunch. All the TV screens were showing NFL games, and I thought it was weird that NFL reruns were so popular. Then I realized that today is Yankee Thanksgiving, and I was jealous… insanely jealous. I probably shouldn’t be, since unlike most of you, I got a holiday in November, but Remembrance Day isn’t a popular football or food holiday. I guess it is a bit of a windfall for a war movie buff like me, but still… I wish I was at home today.
To make matters worse, it’s pouring here… and it’s that cold, November Rain… you know, the kind where nothing lasts forever, and we both know hearts can change? Yeah, that stuff.

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Fall Camping

Oh, man… what a great weekend. The weather cooperated (for the most part) and we remained cool and dry, with a bit of sun. The high points were playing RISK on a couple of garbage tins and burning INSANE amounts of wood. The low points were getting eradicted in RISK in the early rounds, and taking a short trip into the lake a few hours after arriving… it was an unscheduled trip into the lake that my legs may forgive me for later on this week.
After spending the weekend at my cottage last weekend, I’ve realized that I never forget how great it is to get out into nature, but that I have to force myself to look forward to coming back to the city… mostly because I have no choice. I’m really looking forward to going camping this January though. Sleeping in an igloo will be quite an experience.
I wish I was sitting in front of a warm, glowing fire right now instead of a cold, glowing PC, but whatcha gonna do?

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Uh… Yeah

Do you like how I lied and said I would write more yesterday… and then I didn’t? Yeah, that was great. I got lazy.
Today I’m doing data testing at work, so I’ll be busy but bored. If I can think of something worth ranting about, I’ll come back in and do it later this afternoon.
So it looks like the weather report has improved for my camping trip this weekend. It’s shouldn’t rain, and it should be relatively warm. I hope I can get some sleep… I’m dying in the office today. I’ve already skipped three meetings because I’m too tired to sit through people blabbing on and on about nothing. So instead, I sit at my desk and surf the internet… where people blab on and on about… nothing. Hmmm.

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Missed Yesterday

I was pretty busy at work yesterday, and tired when I got home last night, so you guys got screwed out of an entry. Sorry ’bout that. When those of us with talent get too busy to share ourselves… well, that’s when the little people suffer… and by little people, I mean you, of course.
Don’t act so shocked. This isn’t the first time someone has called you out as being a ‘little person’. Clearly, if you’re reading this, you aren’t a ‘big’ person, because then you would have something more important to do… like not reading a blog. You’re clearly killing time, and ‘big’ people don’t kill time.
Yeah, so now I’m just rambling.
I’ll write more later today… I’m halfway through a rather difficult crossword as we speak.

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Fat Lamp Research

So I’m heading up near Napanee this weekend to do some cold-weather camping. I’m trying to build my outdoorsy knowledge to make these trips more interesting and comfortable. After seeing some bacon fat sitting in a mug at Jen’s place, I thought to myself “Gee, Fat Lamps are kind of cool… and they make use of stuff that we just throw out anyway.” So, I decided to make myself a fat lamp to use this weekend.
So I pack up the coagulated bacon grease in a ziploc bag, and head home to do some research on the internet. Once the grease was sitting pretty in my fridge, I discovered that pig tallow doesn’t make a very good fuel (boo), as it can be too volatile (read “burns out of control and all over me”). The good news is that beef or sheep tallow is preferred and most butcher shops will give it away for free, as they usually pay to dispose of it anyway(yeah). So my grease is going to be used as fuel in my fire for camping this weekend (read “Dave’s going to burn down the forest”).
I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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What Do THEY Know That I Don’t???!!??

I had one of those surreal experiences on the way to work this morning… y’know, those experiences where you say to yourself “Hey, this is surreal!”.
I ride the subway four stops down to Yonge and Bloor… arguably the ‘four corners’ of Toronto. Usually, at twenty after eight on a monday morning, the subway car rumbles up to my platform with barely enough room for me to squeeze in between a guy in a business suit, and a student headed to UofT for a BioChem class. There were a few times in the summer, when holidays were in full swing, and during a short week, when I could stand comfortably, and maybe… just MAYBE get a seat.
Today, however, there were 6 people in the whole subway car. I could’ve laid down and slept all the way to my stop and there still would have been enough seats for everyone who got on during my short trip. At one point, I checked my watch to make sure it was monday… then to make sure it wasn’t some weird holiday… then to make sure that it wasn’t really twenty after five in the morning. Sure enough, I was on time.
My next thought… something horrible had happened downtown, and everyone was staying home! Nope. I was listening to the radio up until the moment I left my apartment, and there was no mention of anything on the news.
The only thing I can surmise is that for some reason, this was the morning when everyone who gets up at the same time as me, happened to sleep in on the same morning, but the people who get up earlier didn’t. It was one of those times when everything falls into a synch in a weird way.
I’ll just stay home tomorrow… to keep it from happening to me again.

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So…. c,c,c,c,cold

So who likes to go to an poorly insulated shack in the wilds of Southern Quebec in what is, for all purposes, winter? Me… apparently. It actually wasn’t that bad. Once the house got warmed up, we were pretty comfortable.
There were deer everywhere this weekend… In the back lot, crossing roads, lying dead in the backs of pick-up trucks. It truly was magical. I got a photo of one having a bite to eat just outside my kitchen window. I’ll post it sometime… when I’m not too lazy.
Speaking of lazy….

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