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The Last Word

“Scrumtralescent”. That’s the last word.
I’m off for the weekend in an hour, so nothing will be posted until at least sunday night. Have a good weekend, and I’ll post about how cold it was when I get back.

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Camping… A Canadian Institution

So tonight I’m heading up to the cottage, which isn’t quite camping, but it’s pretty damn close. No running water, barely electricity, and you share the house with woodland creatures. Next weekend, however, I will be doing some traditional camping… complete with tents, fires, and hot dogs all three meals a day. I’m really looking forward to it.
Since I started working full-time, I’ve been trying to build my camping equipment cache bit by bit. I’ve got a decent two man (two very cozy men) tent, and great all season sleeping bag, lots of light options (flashlight, headlamp), FRS radios, a great trenching tool (army surplus shovel/pick), and lots of little odds and ends. My plan is to have my gear so compact that I can hike it into Crown Land for a few days, and live comfortably until I hike out. I’m getting a little tired of so-called “Car Camping”, where you back your car up to the fire pit at the provincial park and store all your gear and your BBQ in the trunk.
Another thing I’d like to try is to organize a weekend where a bunch of folks hike into some Crown Land, split into teams and play a massive game of capture the flag in the bush. I think that’s a pipe dream though. It might’ve worked when I was in school, but it’s too hard to get everyone out for a weekend to do something like that.
My dream is still to take a month or two and just stay in the wilds, and I’d like to do it before I get too old to enjoy it. I think it’s one of those things that I’d appreciate for the rest of my life. Of course, it could just intensify my hatred of my fellow man to the point where I snap. On an unrelated note, does anyone know of any really high water towers? Or a good place to get a high-powered rifle without the usual waiting period? Thanks.

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Coffee… It’s Like Beer… For the Office

I’m a HUGE coffee fan. Fan… addict… same difference. I love it. I drink it in the morning, after meals, with dessert, when I’m cold… whenever. I especially like it in the office because it keeps me awake and going to get it is an excuse to leave my desk for a while and wander the concourse under my building.
So this morning, I’m standing around with my coffee, talking to a number of my colleagues holding their coffees, and I realized that this was the office version of standing around a kitchen with beers at a house party. Then I wanted a beer. This is how my mind works. These thoughts that seem like they’re going to be some ground-breaking insight into our world either turn into a justification for opening fire with my much-coveted Rocket Launcher, or somehow into a desire to consume alcohol.
Anyways, so I’m standing there wanting a beer when I realized that having beer in the office wouldn’t be a bad idea. I would work so much better if I could toss back a Heineken in the afternoon, or start my day with a crisp, cold bottle of Moosehead (although drinking booze at 9am is usually frowned upon in nearly every social circle outside of University or College).
I think it’s time to start a new Workplace revolution. We did it with casual dress, now let’s do it with casual drinking. Who’s with me?

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The Winds of Change

So here in TO, we got shellacked last night by this wicked storm that came out of nowhere. There was crazy lightning, thunder, and buckets of rain and hail. Then, when it all stopped, the wind came. Now, this wasn’t just any wind. This was ‘crazy wind’. The kind of wind that clears balconies of furniture, knocks down trees, and moves parked cars… well, not quite the last one, but you get the idea. It was at its worst around 6am when I thought my 18 story apartment building was pooched.
The other funny thing that happened last night was when I went 5 pin bowling with Jen, Jana, Par, Ryan and Heidi. We went to a place in North Toronto (Yonge and Cummer, “Bowlerama”) and we were charged $3 each for the shoe rental and then $18.33 for the lane… per hour!! Does that seem REALLY expensive to anyone else? It’s safe to say we won’t go back. The alley sucked pretty suckily too.
Ah, the good ol’ days of Waterloo Lanes. I can still hear the turkeys clucking on the automated scoreboard (which Bowlerama DIDN’T have). To make things worse, I couldn’t get a strike to save my life. I should have used my rocket launcher.

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Meetings and Other Things I Do With My Day That Don’t Matter

So I’m in a meeting this afternoon, and I’m doodling as usual. I have this trick where I tune out just enough that I’m not bored, but that if somone asks me a question, I can answer. It’s a knack I picked up in University. Lately, I’ve been toying with creating cartoons in my head and letting them just wander off on their own, much like dreams do.
This may sound alarmingly structured to many of you, but keep in mind that I got to A LOT of meetings. A lot.
So today, I’m doing that… and having a grand old time… when the weirdest thing happens. I ran through the entire ‘Boy Trapped down the Well’ episode from the Simpsons! Is my imagination so shot by television that the only thing I can daydream about is reruns of old TV shows? I literally ran through the whole episode.
So… should I give up TV, or just force myself to daydream more and get some more creative ideas in there?
NOTE: This little system of mental hygiene is where I first starrted fantasizing about having a rocket launcher on the highways… so it can be a productive process as well.

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AchtungDavey’s Final Day Off Post

So Remembrance Day has come and gone. I watched the National Ceremonies from Ottawa on CBC and then spent the afternoon at IKEA.
I didn’t end up cleaning my room (surprise, surprise), but I DID get my shirts ironed for work. Seriously… ironing eats it. If wearing your hair messy is in style for guys, when will it be in style to wear an unironed dress shirt? I will wait patiently for that day. I’d start the style myself, but like Homer, I’m not popular enough to be different.
I ate McDonalds for the first time in a while today, and later on… this evening… I realized why I don’t eat it. Man, did I feel like crap. That stuff is pure poison to the digestive system. It’s like your body says “I can’t believe this guy is forcing this stuff on me. I’ll make him pay for his mistake.” and then it turns on you. Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson… at least until I try McGriddles. How harmful can they be? (That was very much a rhetorical question… I’m sure it’ll kill me.)
G’night all.

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First Day Off: Part the Second

I drank a beer in the middle of a weekday afternoon while I read an email from my co-workers. I ignored any action on my part, and decided to put that off until wednesday. Life, my friends, is sweet.
Now, for the first time in a LONG time, I’m going to go and watch the 5pm episode of the Simpsons… courtesy of the Canadian Broadcasting Corportation.
I hope the rest of you are having a good day at work. What am I saying? I don’t actually care if the rest of you are having a good day… my day is going GREAT!

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First Day Off: Part One

I got out of bed at 11am, sent an email, made some coffee and chatted online with the boys. It’s an hour later, and I’m still just wearing my boxers; drinking coffee in front of my PC. This… is the life.
I do have plans for today though. I’m going to clean my room and watch a war movie on the History Channel. Sometimes they don’t show war movies during the day, but I figure it’s pretty well a lock, seeing as tomorrow is Remembrance Day. That means it’ll be a good one too. “Bridge on the River Kwai” or “The Great Esacpe”.
This is the first time in a long time I’ve been online on MSN Messenger during the day as well, so everyone I know who’s still in school is dropping me a line to find out what’s up. It’s actually getting a little annoying. I wonder if I should sign myself out.
Mmm, time to get some brunch.

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