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The Ol’Fashioned Burger Joint

I had a late dinner last night after some running around, and I was craving a burger in the worst way. I drove into a McDonalds in desperation only to find it had no drive-thru (and I was WAY too lazy to get out of the car), and passed a Harvey’s longingly. After meeting Jen at her place, we walked up to a little Old School Burger joint at Eglinton Ave W. and Oriole Parkway (I can’t remember the name) and $7 later, I had a SWEET homemade burger with fresh cut fries… we’re talking chip wagon quality here. That also included a can of coke to wash it down.
Now, to be honest, this would have been a bigger deal if it had cost $5 or less, but I pay that much for a combo at Harvey’s and it’s not nearly as satisfying. On top of the high quality food, I also got the witty banter and respect that you can only get at a Mom & Pop restaurant.
Apparently, this place also makes a mean breakfast… It’s just a little hike away. I think that maybe I’ll be hitting it up this weekend for some greasy bacon and eggs. Mmm.

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Happy 4th Birthday to Me

Can you really celebrate your birthday 12 days after the fact? This weekend answers that question with a resounding ‘yes’. I think I’m done with the big ‘Two Six’ though. I’ll see if I can make the Two Seven a 27 day affair.
Sorry about the lack of posting lately, and boring material. I’ve been doing a little too much work here at TheBank, and the scary thing is that there’s even more work left to do. Much of my spare time is going into looking for a change in employment, or some sort of Freelance activities that can pull me out of my present funk.
On Saturday night, thanks to Karim, a bunch of us got the VIP treatment at the Starlight Room in Waterloo and saw The Sadies team up with Nico Case… man, what a show. The opening acts were great too… I’ll post their names when I find out what they were… that’s one of the drawbacks of not paying for a ticket.
Anyways… back to whatever it is I do all day.

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To Be Honest…

… I’m not all that passionate about anything today. It’s a grey day here in Toronto. It’s warm and everyone is all messed up from the change of the seasons. Everyone is tired and cranky, and will stay that way until we get 5 days in a row of +10 C temperatures, and sunny skies. Stupid North Shore of Lake Ontario with it’s dreary winter and blah spring. Oh, come to me beautiful summer… with your humidex warnings and smog… your UV rays and power outages.
Here’s a list of the things I’m looking forward to. This list is keeping me sane right now…
– Camping in Bon Echo Provincial Park on May Too-Fore
– Summer Cottage Weekends
– Drinking beer on my balcony
Wow… that’s not a lot keeping me sane. Hmm, that’s disconcerting.
By the way, I checked out my stats on this site the other day… who are all of you people? Seeing as I haven’t made any effort to broadcast the existence of this thing, there are quite a few more people reading this than I thought… unless you’re all spies, or aliens, or alien spies.

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Wine Gums are NOT dinner…

I learned this lesson last night. Have you ever meant to make dinner, but started doing something else instead, and ended up just snacking on whatever is lying around? Sure you have. It’s those meals of chips or dry cereal, the ones where you eat a whole box of crackers. Well, last night, I dove into a big bag of Wine Gums from the Bulk Barn and after eating my own weight in sugary goodness, I decided that I had better eat something real, so I microwaved up two Mini-Pepperoni Pizzas.
Some day my body is going to revolt and kick me out. That day is fast approaching.

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Word of the Day

I figured that I may as well share the word of the day too…
Fulsome; adj
1a)abundant, copious b)generous in amount or extent
*2)exceeding the bounds of good taste
3)excessively complimentary or flattering

*”I didn’t hink her behaviour was all that bad, so I was embarrassed by her fulsome apologies.”

The usage examples tend to suck, but my vocabulary is getting really… uh… big, and… er… um… good.

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I have some tear-away calendars on my desk… you know, the ones where you have a sheet for each day? One is a Word-of-the-day, and the other is a macabre look at the world. It usually has weird things that happened on that day in history, but sometimes there are funny quotes. Today’s is a little disturbing…
“Cheer up — the worst is yet to come” Philander Case Johnson
Good to know.

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The Wearing ‘o’ the Green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all! I’m sporting my shamrock socks (which have already had many a comment here in the office) and although there isn’t a hint of alcohol on my breath, the day is young. If anyone is in TO, let me know if you’re looking for something to do tonight… a number of us are venturing out into the night in search of drink, music, and tomfoolery. What’s everyone else got planned for the celebration of the patron Saint of the Emerald Isle?

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Great Canadian Music

I was reading Darren Barefoot this morning, and read today’s article about ?Great Canadian Songs. I think his list is a little lacking, and commented. It’s nice to see Fifty Mission Cap and The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, but where’s Wheat Kings? Anything by The Barenaked Ladies? The Toronto Song? Any other ones he’s missing

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