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The Photos

Here you go… they’re not the best quality, but my camera wasn’t designed to take such close-up shots. For those of you with weak stomachs, these pictures are actually pretty tame. You should be fine.
The first photo is pre-infection, and the second photo doesn’t really show the infection well. Meh.
In the first photo, you can clearly see where I cut my nail down below the quick to try and get at the stub of the sliver to try and get it with tweezers. The second photo shows just how wide it is.
I hope to be able to take some shots while they’re working on it, but I’ll definitely put some ‘after’ shots up on here.

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Splinter Update!

I went to a drop-in clinic this morning and after getting an updated Tetanus shot (Apparently they’re only good for 10 years… not 20), I was referred to a General Surgeon who’s going to dig the chunk of wood out tomorrow morning.
I’ll be posting some photos tonight, for any interested parties. I’ll most likely link them from here rather than posting them directly (to protect some of our more squeamish readers). I already have one that I took when it was fresh, and another more recent one where you can see the infection spreading. I plan on taking my camera tomorrow and asking the doctor if I can take some pictures during the procedure to document it.

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Gummy goodness

So, since we are apparently all about our ailments today, I shall share mine with you all as well. I think my wisdom tooth is coming in at the back of my mouth…except it’s already been there for a long time, which means that my gum is swollen and pulled away from my tooth for no apparent reason. Most of you would probably say “why don’t you go to the dentist?” but to you I say “that is the problem with working 2 part-time jobs on a contract basis”. No one wants to hire you on full-time anymore with benefits, which means I pay for all my medication, eye exams, and don’t have the money to go to the denist when I’ve got a throbbing mouth. Turns out, buying a bottle of Advil to take every 4 hours is probably cheaper than going to the dentist…until it turns into something bad and I need a root canal or something.
In other news. My car is also dead. I have a very sexy green (teal), 1994, 4-door grand-prix with 4 bolts in the hood (some detailing on behalf of my Dad) that is sitting in the parking garage. Again you may ask “why don’t you take it to the shop?” and to you I say “for one, it’s dead, so, like, how am I supposed to get it to the shop?” followed by “once they fix it, what can I use to pay for it? Will they accept those chocolates that are covered in gold paper and made to look like real gold coins? Cause if they do…then I’m set”.
Amidst all this, I am planning to go back to school this fall into a graduate (read: expensive) program. Let’s face it, I’m screwed. I might as well get used to enjoying pork and beans out of a can and last sale green meat.


Splintery Goodness

I know I said I’d make it to the clinic in a few days, but as of right now, there’s still a giant sliver turning my finger green and filling my nail with pus. I was trying to get Jackie to do some home surgery last night, but she was too wrapped up in Love Actually. It’s too bad, too. I brought my camera so I could document the process for you guys. I don’t think a doctor will let me do that. Alas, I’ll try and get into a clinic after work today, and I’ll post photos as soon as I can.


Another Gorgeous Spring Day…

… so what are you doing inside reading this?
I just got home from spending the day at my ‘rents place. They’re away on vacation so I took the opporunity to do my laundry for free and hang out with my dog. In return, I mowed the back lawn.
Now, this lawn was in brutal shape… we have a brand new lawnmower and it kept stalling on the long grass, but the mowing went pretty quickly. The trimming on the other hand…
I brought out the weedwhacker to go after all the trim, but there’s this one spot… a gap between a walkway and a fence where the grass was almost two feet long. The gap is too narrow for the weedwhacker so I was pulling it all out by hand. I was running my hand along the fence and BAM, it happened…
I now have a sliver about 3 cm long and the same dimensions as a paper match jammed in between my finger and nail on my left ring finger (pictures to come). There isn’t enough sticking out to get a grip with tweezers (even after trimming my nail down to the quick). I even went as far as to get couple of sewing needles in there, but it wouldn’t budge.
After consulting with Jen’s mom (a retired nurse), it sounds like the AchtungDavey has a date with a drop-in clinic in the next few days. In the meantime, I’ll be using some peroxide to keep my finger from oozing pus everywhere.


Friday Things

First off, I’d like to welcome Jen and thank her for bringing some perspective to my rants. I look forward to mocking disagreeing with her for everyone’s enjoyment. For those of you who don’t know, Jen and I met through a Univeristy friend a few years ago and quickly became good friends. We’ve been dating since last summer and live in adjacent buildings here in TO. Thanks for jumping aboard, Jen.
Second, after a few days of crappy weather and rainy long weekend, it looks like TO is getting some nice weather. Woo! From my desk, I can see a sliver of blue sky (because of any number of man made obstructions) and it looks GORGEOUS out there. I can’t wait to sit on the balcony with a beer.
Third, I’ll be walking in the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation’s ‘Walk for the Cure’ on sunday morning. If anyone wants to sponsor me, just drop me an email and we’ll figure it all out.
Now, I’m going to websurf the rest of this friday away.

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The Postess with the Mostess

“Let’s start at the very beginning…it’s the very best place to start” – Julie Andrews
My name is Jennifer Margaret Coon, Margaret being the name of my Scottish grandmother on my Dad’s side…not the most beautiful name in the world, but a middle name all the same. I work at Seneca College as an English tutor, no wait, I was promoted to the esteemed title of “Senior English Tutor” which essentially means that I have been working here for a long time (2 years) and also at The Royal Conservatory of Music where I “arrange scheduling for student placement and production for both the Glenn Gould and Community School Offices” (from my resume and the job posting). Either way, I won’t be doing either job for much longer because (cue singing of the Hallelujah Chorus by a choir of angels) I finally got into grad school. The year I finally decided to apply to teacher’s college and grad school, I got into both. This made for some tough decision making on my part, but with much deliberation, I have opted to do my Masters in English Literature at York this fall. I perused the course listings the other day and feel quite confident that there will be more than one weepy emotional break-down within the first week of class, but I’ll deal with that when I come to it. For now, I would like to enjoy my last days as a working woman with evenings free and money to spend on clothes and bottles of Gato Negro.
I’m not sure why Dave decided to let me have my own posting on his blog, but I like to think it’s because he figured I might have something interesting to say once in a while and that the dynamics between his “I am man, hear my roar” postings and my “I’m a feminazi and everything you do offends me” rantings might create some whitty reparte. Maybe it’s a step forward in our relationship, maybe it’s a way for him to censor me…we will have to wait to find out. Dum-dum-dum.


Free Time on the Campsite

For those of us used to a faster pace of life, camping can leave us with a little too much free time, so it’s important to plan ahead with some activities when listlessness kicks in. This goes double if bad weather hits. Here are some simple things to do that are still relaxing, but help whittle the time away.

  • Cards. You can play alone (Solitaire) or in a group (Euchre, President, Poker, Go Fish, Crazy Eights). A deck of cards is compact so it packs easily, and if you get sick of games, you can always build card castles.
  • Chess or Checkers. You might want to find out if anyone else in your camp knows how to play before you bother, but both these games are quite relaxing. Like cards, they pack lightly and there’s no need to bring a board. Just etch the board into the dirt or play on a table. Many bedrolls come with a board drawn on them already.
  • Construction. Building stuff is a great way to keep busy. Personally, when I’m camping I like to constantly make improvements to my site, and that means planning out designs and building what can only be called ‘contraptions’ out of whatever materials are lying around. Wash stands, drying racks, coffee tables… you name it.
    So that’s it for my camping posts. When I get the pictures from our Bon Echo trip, I’ll link them here so you can take a peek.
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