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Ich hab’ am meistens forgessen

I got to speak some German with a guy from Hannover last night, and it was great to dust off mein Deutsch, but it was disheartening to realize everything I’ve forgotten. I couldn’t remember half my verbs, and my vocab was at least half of what it was back in the day. Still, my German is far stronger than my French, which is sad given my easy access to French TV and the opportunity I have to speak with francophones at the bank.
Perhaps it’s time to take a long vacation in Europe. Yes, perhaps it is. Tschuss.



Sometimes you learn important things in the midst of hardship. Take this morning, for example. I learned that I can go from dead asleep at home to sitting at my desk here at work in just under twenty minutes. I just need to skip my shower, wear whatever clothes are sitting at the foot of my bed, and run to the subway like a madman. This is the kind of thing you find out when you sleep through your alarm, but wake up to your cat.
Why didn’t I just stay in bed? Why?

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Go Sox!

If you don’t why by now, I’m not going to bother explaining.
Curse schmurse… no more whining. 🙂 Oh yeah, and Fox sports commentating is hilarious… in the bad way, not the good way.

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Movie of the Year

So, as you may have read (or will read shortly) The Grudge was absolute crap, but there was a highlight of my trip to Silver City (and my $9.25 to watch commercials). That highlight would have to be the trailer announcing The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou. It’s the newest film by Wes Anderson (who we all owe a debt of gratitude for making The Royal Tenenbaums and to a lesser degree, Rushmore)and if I could find a criticism for this film (knowing very little about it), it’s that Wes Anderson needs to incorporate some new blood into his movies rather than using all the same actors. That’s it. They’re all awesome actors too, so that’s not much of a complaint.
Check out the trailer here (it starts in Flash when you open it, so watch your sound).
It opens Christmas Day. Merry Christmas to me.
Incidentally, I’ve watched the trailer a few times now and sadly, the song that starts with the guy on guitar and rolls through the rest of the trailer is my new favourite song. I must find out who it is, and how to get it. I must.

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‘The Grudge’ was ‘The Crap’

Granted, it had its moments of terror, but it got old fast. The story was bland, aimless, and slow. The acting was good, but they didn’t have much to work with. The ending was BRUTAL. In case you want to see it, I won’t say much, but save your money for the rental… better yet, convince someone else to pay to rent it. 3/10

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My Forgotten Children

I can be skittish of mind at times (those times being ‘all the time’) and tend to get over-excited about a new hobby and throw myself into it, only to tire quickly. Fortunately, I have some tried and true stand-bys which always have a place in my life. Having a bit more time on my hands lately, I’ve come back to these unforgotten children.
First are my books. My beautiful books. I’ve reread two of my favourites in the last week or so, and I have a few new ones (to me, but classics) lined up. When I get into a reading rhythm, I just inhale them… sometimes reading as many as three at a time. It’s awesome.
Second, my beautiful ladies… Myrtle and her older sister… Black Beauty (her name is a secret known only to me). For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them, the ladies are my guitars… my electric and my acoustic (respectively). I have been sorely neglecting them, and much like any beautiful woman in the same situation, they are making me pay. My fingers are sore, my fingerings are rusty, and I can barely remember how to play anything. Also, without me to love and cherish them, they’ve let themselves go a bit, so I’m busy tweaking their various parts and changing old strings. Blackie is in pretty good shape (but she’ll need a pro tune-up soon… she’s pushing 10 years old), but Myrtle has some serious work ahead of her.
First up, I’m going to brush up on my U2, then learn some Jack Johnson, and maybe come up with some of my own stuff. I guess I’ll have to wait patiently for my fingertip callouses to come back.


Things I Learned This Weekend

One. If you’re going to be playing guitar in front of people on sunday (for the first time in 3 or 4 years), don’t spend your saturday night listening to a REALLY good guitar player live (Brett Schinkel from Muskoka Woods)… it will destroy your self-confidence, and you’ll play ALL the wrong chords.
Two. Despite what doctors and scientists may tell you, it IS physically possible for a human being to chemically bond to a piece of furniture… specifically a couch… specifically MY couch. Okay, I spent almost all weekend in front of the TV. There. I said it. Are you happy?
Three. Weekend TV sucks. Not just regular ‘sucks’ either. Whatever happened to saturday cartoons? Was there a law passed to ban them or something? Are we trying to encourage kids to go outside and play by filling the airwaves with public interest programming, infomercials, and reruns of old Golf Championships?
Four. After a week of eating nothing but fast food, a litre of milk can make you feel like a million bucks.
Five. The new Remembrance Quarter is pretty cool, even if it DOES look like a child drew the poppy on it. (If you haven’t seen it, just get a coffee from Tim Horton’s. The odds are pretty good you’ll get one in your change)

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‘Walking Tall’

So, to cap off my week of movies, (No, Dan… I don’t usually watch this many in one week. It’s been a banner week for me) I watched Walking Tall last night.
Unlike Van Helsing, I knew what I was in for here… I fully expected an action movie with a plot loaded with cliches, but I was pleasantly surprised. This was a pretty original script, with some solid ass-whupping bar-style brawls. The Rock’s years in the WWE have taught him how to act pretty well, and his line delivery was really smooth. The biggest surprise was Johnny Knoxville, who is a pretty good actor, even if his laugh is creepy.
Overall, this movie is a 7/10. When it comes to just fight movies, it pushes into an eight.

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