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The 31st Day

I’m short of time right now, but wanted to say something before it got to be too late in the day… Today is the last official day of Jay’s challenge, and I feel great. My eating habits have changed drastically, and that is something that won’t stop tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that.

Not only have I gained weight consistently (which is a good thing… a VERY good thing), but my energy levels are constant and consistent and my sleeping habits are generally much better. I feel more alert at all times, and find myself having less food-related cravings (especially for salt). I’m not sure if that’s part of all this, but it’s a good thing, I guess.

Anyways, thanks a ton for challenging me, Jay. Assuming today goes off without a hitch, we’ll be setting up our dinner date sometime soon. 🙂

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Back in the Odds

I won two donuts today in Rrroll Up the Rrrim, so my odds are just about bang on. I’m 4 out of 40 as of 4:30pm today. My dad is the real winner though… I keep giving him all my winning donut tabs.

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Into the Fire

Some of you have heard a little bit about what I do at work, and I’ve often explained it like being a fireman… only without all the danger, glory, or pay. The comparison being that for the most part, my job is pretty laid back and (dare I say) boring, but every once in a while, something has to be done… and it has to be done yesterday.

Today was a Fire day. I’ve been working like mad to get some reports compiled and out the door. The drawback to having a day like today is that I often don’t have time to grab a lunch (although I frequently forget about it anyways), but on the plus side, my day flies by.

Hopefully I’ll be out of here around 5, and hopefully tomorrow won’t be quite as hectic, but it’s nice to be insanely busy for a change.

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Disappointment and Fulfillment

I ran the full gauntlet of human experience last night within a matter of hours. Isn’t life great like that sometimes? I’d tell you all about it, but to quote The Princess Bride… “Lemme ‘splain. No, there is no time. Lemme sum up…”

Walter’s Music at Yonge and Eglinton is moving, and was apparently having a moving sale where they were clearing house. Since I’m always up for some more guitar gear, I headed up there with money in my account and my debit card burning a hole in my pocket. When I got there, I found that “Sale ends March 29th” meant that it ended before I got there on March 29th. Not cool.

I went home and ripped some music and talked hymnals with Jared (no, really… we talked about hymnals for quite a while), and then watched some Magnum PI. It’s a great show, but I find it hard to watch because of the clothes he wears. Super-tight short shorts and painted on jeans. Not cool. Anyways, that was my mediocre portion of the evening.

Later on, I sat on the balcony with a glass of Scotch and practiced tying knots (One of my new passions. Shut up. You do stupid stuff too). The air was warm and still, and I was relaxed. That’s a great way to end a day.

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Die Fragen

That’s German for ‘Questions’. I’m actually quite busy at work today, and I won’t have too much time to write in here, so I thought it was time for a little role reversal. I know that there a lot of you out there who read this and never leave a comment, and that’s just sad. Just… plain… sad. Your opinion matters too!

So, today I’m going to ask some questions… easy questions… and I want everyone to respond with their answers. If you don’t respond, your computer will become infected with a horrible virus… at some point… I’m sure. Okay, it’s an empty threat. Just leave a comment, would ya?

1. Who do you think is the most physically attractive Canadian Prime Minister, and why?

2. When you’re at a BBQ and someone hands you a burger fresh off the grill, do you squish it down with your palm before you eat it? Explain your answer.

3. Did you add potato chips as a topping to the burger from question 2? Why or why not?

4. When you go swimming in the summer, do you prefer a pool or a natural body of water (pond, lake, river, stream)? Explain your reasons

5. Pirate or Ninja?


Just in Time…

Sunny with a high of 15 degrees today, with more of the same tomorrow. Glorious. Some of you may have heard that our balcony was being refinished for the last week or so, and our balcony door was blocked off. Well, when I got back from having dinner in Pickering last night, Matt told me he had a suprise for me, and we went out and sat on our new balcony and had a beer.

Now, last night wasn’t exactly balmy, but it wasn’t freezing cold either. It was at that point where you can be quite comfortable walking, but sitting or standing in one place is a little chilly.

Tonight, I’m going to make myself a nice dinner and sit out on the balcony to eat. Then, I’m going to pour myself a nice glass of Port and I’m going to read until the sun goes down or I fall asleep… whichever comes first. Visitors are welcome.

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Roll Up the… ah, Who Cares?

So keeping track of my Rrroll Up The Rrrrim stats has turned out to be quite the learning experience. Not only have I learned that I drink a ridiculous amount of coffee (keep in mind that I’m only tracking my Tim Hortons coffees here), but that I have some pretty bad luck if we’re to believe the official odds of winning supplied by Tim Hortons.

At 2 for 36, it’s safe to say that if I was a pro ballplayer with an average like that, not only would I be fired, but I would probably be killed and ground into line chalk.

I’m fighting the urge to become disheartened though, and with each coffee comes new hope for another win… each moment where I fold the cup and roll that rim is where my hope builds… only to die a painful slow death.

Of course, I jest. Yes, I’m disappointed that I just can’t seem to win anything, but it’s not like I’m just buying the coffees for the contest. I drink this much coffee anyways… which is still pretty sad. This is just a nice little diversion… something to keep us all entertained. Unless I win the truck. And then it was a well-calculated investment and a clever gamble. I’m going to stop writing now… I’m getting all jittery for some reason. 🙂

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Sixth Time’s the Charm

This is my sixth year participating in what was formerly known as the ‘Grebel NCAA March Madness Pool’, and every year I get taken to the cleaners. With a $5 pay-in where the last place guy gets his money back and the top three guys split the pot in percentages, I usually come in second last… which is brutal… because you’re the REAL loser for not even getting your money back.

Not this year. This year, everything’s coming up Dave. As of last night, with a week to go until the Final Four even begins, I’ve mathematically secured first place in our pool. I believe this calls for a celebration.

(Dave runs a victory lap around his office while chanting “Num…ber… One” over and over)

To be honest, I cheated from my usual losing formula of choosing teams at the last second. This year, I did a bit of research before the schedule was even announced to try and figure out which teams I liked. Then, when the bracket was announced, I did some more research; comparing one team to another. You’d better believe I’m doing that again next year!

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