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Back in Touch

It looks like my email is back up and running. Phew. If you have a minute, would you mind sending a test email to dave-at-achtungdavey-dot-ca? I’ll send a reply (to find out if my little adventure has lead to a life of blacklisting) as soon as I can.


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Disappointment… and Not

Well, for the twelfth year in a row Jack Rabinovitch has completely passed me over for a Giller Prize. Man, I was just so sure that this was my year. I mean, that $40,000 was as good as spent. Oh well, I guess I have a year to hide from my creditors and perform all manner of secret religious rites and ceremonies to guarantee myself victory. Maybe I should actually do some writing too… you know… seeing as that’s one of the major criteria for winning… being a published author. 🙂

Also disappointing, today is the last day that I can hassle my old man at work. As of today, he’s hiking his pants up to his chin and sleeping until noon as his retirement package takes effect. Congratulations Dad. You’ve officially survived working life and have earned the right to kick your feet up and relax. This also means that I’ll won’t borrow money from you… as often. 🙂

On the plus side, I got to play fanboy last night when I was invited to dinner with Shari-Anne’s great-aunt and great-uncle. I’ve known for some time that her great-uncle is Dave Broadfoot (Arguably Canada’s best-known comedian, and one of the original stars of the Royal Canadian Air Farce), and was hoping to get a chance to meet him. Last night was that chance, and I was not disappointed. Far from being hammy, he was quite charming and we spent quite a bit of time talking about architecture and politics. His wife was also quite wonderful, and in some ways typified the francophone Montrealer (in only the good ways, of course). Shari and I both had a great time and wonderful meal.

In other good news, this weekend is our annual Hockey Draft Weekend which means late nights on the town and early morning breakfasts in diners. For me, it’s basically just an excuse to get together with some of the guys from UW… since I don’t care that much about Pro Hockey. We have a few extra things to celebrate this weekend. First, Jared’s new job… after just a few weeks unemployed. Second, Sherri’s successful Masters thesis defense (not Shari-Anne… Sherri Schmidt Stutzman). I think that means that I’ll have to have a nap after work to store up some energy. 😉

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Oh, Sweet Irony… or Something

The crazy thing about taking a vacation to relax, is that we very rarely relax for our whole vacation. Sure, we have those moments, but especially the beginning and end (when we travel) are overfilling with stress. Then, we you’re ready to settle back into your normal routine, you find out that you have to catch up on all the stuff that didn’t get done while you were gone.

That’s my apology. Now, for the good stuff. TWELVE DEGREES!!!! I swear I’ve died and gone to heaven. I actually saw my breath last night, and slept with many toasty blankets. Sure, the wind was a little much this morning but I don’t mind 70 km/h winds if it means that I won’t hear the word ‘humidex’ for another 8 months, and my nose will always be just a little bit chilly. Bring on the frost!

Although I’m at work, it’s pretty hard to focus after the trip. I have so many beautiful images kicking around my head to distract me. Sunrise and sunset both from the deck of the ferry from Vancouver to Nanaimo, sunset above the clouds on the flight home, the mountains and valleys, and so much sea.

Over the years, I’ve met more than my share of displaced British Columbians, and they all talk about BC like it’s the Garden of Eden… a place of perfection. I’ll admit I was skeptical, and even though my sister and her husband have lived there for years, I’ve managed to avoid heading west, but I was really pleasantly surprised. Sure, I had sunny weather and clear skies (not exactly normal… especially year-round), but I really liked the people and the pace of life. I’m still not convinced that I could live in Vancouver, or anywhere near there, but I’d certainly love to make it back (especially in ski season) and get to know it better.

So much like when I said I’d never work for a bank (and here I am), I also said I’d never like BC… and here I am. Personally, I blame Shari-Anne. 😉

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Back East

So, here I am… a little jet-lagged and travel-weary and with no functioning email. Sigh. It’s going to be a loooooooong day.

The trip was spectacular, and I hope to have my photos up soon, and I’ll start writing more specifically about the trip tonight or tomorrow, but after three days away from the office, there’s a lot of work to catch up on, and I have to get my email up and running. In the meantime, you can email me at achtungdavey@gmail.com and I’ll respond as quickly as possible.

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Excitment? Adventure? A Jedi Craves Not These Things

Stupid internet. Thanks to Steve for getting everything up and running, but my email is still pretty messed up. It would be best not to email me quite yet, and I’m not checking it right now anyways… I’m touring around Abbotsford, getting arrested and throwing wild parties. This town is OUT OF CONTROL!!

So far, we’ve had sunny weather and later today we’re headed into Vancouver… which should be quite an adventure. I’m pretty awestruck by the mountains, and I wish there were more Tim Hortons (fortunately there are more than enough).

I might post again before we head back, but I wouldn’t bank on it. Stupid internet.

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I don’t run this site or anything but when daveduncan.ca got hacked via an exploit in his webcalendar I helped him out:

1. Apply security patch for Webcalendar.
2. Change the passwords on the site. Now they’re mediocre instead of weak!
3. Empty the mail inbox of 11684 messages (all received in the span of 15 minutes).
4. Get the blog, calendar and main page working again.

This work comes with no guarantees, so if it goes down again it isn’t my fault 🙂

Basically someone used the exploit to run some commands on the server that resulted in Dave becoming a spammer until Lunarpages shut him down.


He’s out in BC now, so maybe he’ll give you his side of the story when he logs in.

That’s all.

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Today… and Tomorrow

Today: After work, I’m hitching a ride to the airport to catch my flight to the left coast. I’ve never been that far west before, and I’ve been dying to see the Rockies for a while now. Up until today, the furthest west I’ve been is Moose Jaw. Frankly, I never thought I’d muster up the energy to make it past the prairies again, but here I am.

Tomorrow: According to my records, September 23rd is my official hiring date here, so it will be my third anniversary of working here. Shari-Anne and I will celebrate accordingly in BC (first, by sleeping in… and second, with a nice big cup of coffee while looking at the aforementioned Rocky Mountains).

Last Night: I hung out at Jared’s place and watched the extended DVD release of ‘Mallrats‘ before packing up for the trip. Jared pretty well sums up the new release (and how awesomely funny Kevin Smith is) in his new-fangled blog at mtroads.com. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go rescue a kid from an escalator.

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Good Riddance

Seeing as tomorrow evening is the Autumnal Equinox, that means that today is the last full day of summer for all you insane people to soak up. I hope that all you fans of summer aren’t offended by my use of the word ‘insane’, but clearly… that’s what you are. Anyone who celebrates a season known for humidex advisories, extreme heat, and constant sweating needs to have their head examined. Mind you, this is just my opinion… and keep in mind that I love winter.

So, it’s finally over and we can get on with our lives and with enjoying the greatest season of all…. FALL! That’s right… the season that brought us Hallowe’en (an excuse to dress up and have a party), Thanksgiving (an excuse to eat ourselves stupid), and changing leaves is just a matter of hours away. My heart is a-twitter (although that may be partly due to the amount of meat I ate LAST Thanksgiving) at the thought of strolling through the Gatineaus under a canopy of red, orange and yellow with the cool air making my nose just a little red.

Summer, I chide thee. Thou willst no longer keep me from my slumber, nor tear my plans asunder with fatigue and illness. Be gone, I say! To Autumn, I welcome thee with open arms. Letteth the goode times roll.


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