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An Evening With Old Friends

I spent the evening lounging in my living room with some old friends, with whom I’ve lived for some time. My good pals John and Ernie were there, as were Clive and little Jimmy Cooper. Farley was there, but he was pretty drunk (what else is new) and Jerome was having a little trouble keeping him in line.

In preparation for our big move at the end of December (and because I’m expecting this coming month to be ridiculously busy), I’ve started packing many of the things that I don’t need access to everyday. This includes my library. Of course I’ll be sad to have my books packed tightly into plastic bags inside milk crates; rather than looking pretty on my antique shelves with their spines looking out into my room.

I really enjoy handling all those books though. There’s something about the feel of a book in your hands (be it a smooth paperback or a rough old hardcover) that I find very comforting. Even that old book smell (many of my older books have that slightly musty smell when you open them) is very soothing.

Going through my books is a pretty painstaking process actually. I slow myself down by peeking inside each front cover to see if me or anyone else has put their mark in that book. For books I buy and read, I tend to date when I first read it and then put a quotation from the book that especially struck me.

Oh man, look at me… getting all nostalgic. [Dave wipes a tear from his eye] Still, if you think this is bad, just wait until I pack up all my camping gear… I’ll be sobbing like every Canadian girl does during “Anne of Green Gables” when Matthew packs it in out in the field.


Odds & Ends & Odds Again

There’s something mildly unsettling about knowing that you have to move in just over a month, and not having a place to move yet… but we’ve had some really nice candidates. We looked at a place last night near College and Bathurst that would be absolutely ideal. Now, we play the waiting game… in the meantime, here’s some stuff that’s been going on that you might not have known about.

My parents bought a house. In Quebec. Just down the highway from the cottage. This is good news because it means that there’s family back in the Valley again, but it’s bad news because that means that we can’t have any more wild parties up there anymore… the cops’ll know who to call. 😉 (I’m kidding Mom… we pay off the cops).

My sister and brother-in-law are expecting their first baby at the end of February (this is my parents first grandkid), so it’s all very exciting. This means that I’ll be heading west at some point in late February or early March to say ‘hello’ to my little niece or nephew..

I’ll stop there, lest I bore you with the minutia of my life (that’s more of a wednesday thing). Also, I need to go off in search of a cup of coffee. Wish me luck.


Monday is for Chumps

My weekend seemed to blow past me all of a sudden, but there were some significant highlights. I’m sure none of you really care, but you’re here… and likely bored and avoiding work, so here they are…

Friday night after Squads (the children’s program in Regent Park), a group of us headed to Dan and Sue’s for a little get-together with great food and drink.

Saturday I met up with Kenneth for my second breakfast, and we ended up sipping port at Marlowe on College sitting in the front window and watching the busy street. I felt like I was in an Ernest Hemingway novel or something.

Saturday night, Shari-Anne went on a date and watched a pretty forgettable movie (Everything is Illuminated) at which I ate WAY too much popcorn and got pretty ill. I’m a genius.

Sunday night, we went to Shanghai Cowgirl with Elly and got pretty good food and really bad service. I normally wouldn’t have bothered to write about this, but Elly went on and on and on about how much she wanted to see our dinner show up in my blog and Shari-Anne convinced me to write this. So Elly… this is your Christmas gift from Shari… don’t spend it all in one place. 🙂

For some reason, I’m really craving those cheese and cracker things we used to get for recess when we were kids…


Car Troubles

One of my new favourite shows (that is of course, on the History channel) is called Things That Move. The host is hilarious and the show is cleverly produced and ridiculously informative. To be honest, it’s more a Discovery Channel show, but that’s neither here nor there…

I recently watched the episode about electric cars, and I was both shocked and amazed. First, theyr’e so quiet. Second, their engines have only 1 moving part (versus over 700 in a combustion engine), and the only maintenance they require is the replacement of a $20 brush after 50,000 kilometres or so. Third, the automotive industry has fought these cars tooth and nail. Automotive companies don’t make money building and selling cars, they make money repairing them. So a car that can be maintained by anyone doesn’t help them any. Crazy.

The historical perspective on the show was awesome too. The first cars were in fact electric, but since gasoline was cheaper and more plentiful, manufacturing shifted focus. Crazy. Maybe it’s time to switch back, eh?

Probably the coolest moment was in a brief interview with a chemical researcher who builds lithium batteries who talked about how great a product gasoline is chemically, and what a shame it is to simply burn it off rather than using it to produce polymers. We’re taking something very useful and just burning it and converting it into stuff that’s bad for us. Crazy. Just crazy.

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Wanted: Three Bedroom House

As part of my canvas for a new home for Matthew, Jared and me, I’m going to petition you guys for help. Here’s what we’re looking for…

January 1st, 2006 Tenancy (hopefully able to start moving in a few days to a week earlier)
Something in the $1800/month range with the following amenities required…

  • Easy access to TTC
  • On-site laundry

Yeah, that’s it. Here are some things that we’d really like.

  • Dishwasher
  • Amenities incl. in rent
  • Hardwood flooring (preferrably in an older house)

Essentially, we’re looking to be south of Bloor, west of the Don River, and east of Ossington. Ideally, we’d be in Cabbagetown, Riverdale West, or the ghetto part of the Annex.

If someone from here recommends a house, and we sign a lease, I’ll personally take you for a Coronary Combo at Dangerous Dan’s (or equivalent). So if you hear of anything coming up, drop me a line.

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These Burgers… Are Crazy

A very special thanks to The Moldy Peaches for the headline. I don’t recommend their music to everyone, but if you like it… you’ll like it a lot.

On to the good news… the Dangerous Dan’s photos are up in my web gallery under ‘Events’. Honestly, we’re talking ’bout some monster burgers. The last two photos were taken by the line cook, who spent most of our time there yelling at his assistant cook and the waitress. Classy.
Thanks to everyone for coming out, and hopefully we’ll have even more next year.

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Hallowe’en is Over

Yes, that’s right… no more spooks and ghouls, which means that we can FINALLY turn our focus back to Christmas (at least in stores). If you aren’t a big fan of the consumerism that Christmas represents, but really love the music, then have I got good news for you. My good friend (and soon-to-be third roomate) Jared has started his annual Christmas MP3 posting in his blog.

During the year, his postings can be pretty intermittent, but when it comes to Christmas music, he’ll post regularly. I’m sure you can build a pretty good playlist for your upcoming Christmas party through his blog.

I’d love to say more, but I have to wrestle with a mainframe system this morning and head to a dentist appointment this afternoon, so my time is precious… unlike yours, which is why you’re here, right? 🙂

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Let the Games Begin…

So we Canadians can look forward to a February Election. At least we know when it is well ahead of time so we can all look forward to a few extra months of campaigning that’s NOT campaigning (that was a little sarcastic, by the way). Still, it’s not all bad. For example, we can look forward to tons of hilarious cameos by notable politicians on shows like Air Farce, The Monday Report, and Corner Gas.

So, with three months to go… would anyone dare to make a prediction? Nothing binding, mind you… but I’m sure that if it turns out that you are right, you’ll gloat and brag and send the link to this post to all your friends and family… surely resulting in guest spots on shows like Air Farce, The Monday Report, and Corner Gas (after all, this IS Canadian TV).

I’ll go first, but before you get all worked up… this is just a prediction of how I think the country will vote (barring any leader doing or saying something COMPLETELY insane in the next few months), and does not necessarily reflect my personal views.

I predict another Liberal minority gov’t with the Conservatives pulling closely behind. The NDP will gain a few more seats, and the Bloc… will continue to be French. Britney and Kevin will be divorced, and their baby sold to the highest bidding magazine. Brad and Angelina will have married, but sadly Angelina will kill and consume Brad on their wedding night. California will break off into the ocean, but no one will notice right away. Our minority gov’t will offer aid and our famous DART team, but we will be turned down resulting in more cameo appearances on shows like Air Farce, The Monday Report, and Corner Gas to boost our collective spirits.

The next cabinet will come to an end with a rousing musical number that will include Bryan Adams, Anne Murray, Celine Dion (live via satellite from her Howard Huges-esque seclusion in the desert) and the RCMP doing the Musical Ride. Sadly, the Mounties will the highlight of the year… and will go on to do cameo appearances on shows like Air Farce, The Monday Report, and Corner Gas .

I’m pretty confident about my prediction, but anything can happen… so don’t hold me to it. Now, I’d love to stay and write some more, but I have to head down to CBC studios… I have a guest spot on This Is Wonderland.

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