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La Premiere Photo

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, but if you were constantly holding a baby THIS cute, would you want to sit at a computer typing? Yeah, me neither.

Tiernan Bonnar

Here’s a brief summary of the trip so far.

Friday: Shari picked me up at the airport and we hung out in Abbotsford for a bit, and then we came to Deb and Tim’s place so I could meet my nephew. I held him for about two hours and took TONNES of pictures of him.

Saturday: Shari’s parents took us to Pike Place Market in Seattle. It’s a really great indoor fish market and bazaar. There were collectibles store, art booths (some good and some very, VERY bad). I fell in love with Sweet Salmon Jerky (also known as Indian Candy) and got some great photos of the bay. Then we drove through Redmond to Auburn to see an awesome movie called “End of the Spear“. It’s about five missionaries who are killed in the jungles of Ecuador, and how that affected a tribe of spear-hunters known as the Wodani. It’s a very moving film, and it’s beautifully shot. If you can see it (it’s not exactly in wide release yet), you should…. everyone should.

Sunday: Aptly, after watching that movie, we attended Abbotsford Alliance Church on Missionary Sunday and heard a minister from Rexdale (Toronto) speak. Weird. I spent the rest of the day at Deb and Tim’s with Tiernan (mostly holding him, again) and crashed here overnight.

Monday: Deb, Mom, Shari, Tiernan and I watched The Sound of Music together in the afternoon, and Shari and I spent the rest of the day with her sister, Alisa. Afterwards, we watched “Red Eye” with her parents. It was a pretty garbage film. Don’t waste your time.

That brings us to today. I crashed at the Gibson’s, but got a ride to Langley (Deb and Tim’s) with Shari’s Dad on his way to work. The plan is to chill out here today (another day with the baby and his mom and grandma), have some coffee with friends tonight, and have an early night before we head into Vancouver for the day tomorrow.

How’s things back home? Is the bank still running without me? 😉


Day Three in BC

This will just be brief, but the first three days have been awesome. I met my nephew (who is awesome beyond description… photos to come), spent some long-awaited quality time with Shari-Anne, and took a side trip to Seattle. Pike Place Market was awesome, and I LOVE eating fresh fish right at the market.

Well, I’m going to keep this short, but I’ll have plenty more to post later.

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And We’re Back… my Subjects

You may have thought I’d disappeared earlier today, but some technical issues were keeping me from my webspace. Actually, I’d inadvertently allowed my domain name to expire. I’m good until 2011 now.

It took me a while to notice and today’s been a busy day. You see, last night while you were going about your business, dark forces were at work in the world. Your very freedom was at stake, and a figurative battle of wills turned into a literal battle of armies.

The real mess started in Western Africa and spilled over into South America. From there, it poured into North America where many men were lost. Europe fell quickly, then Asia and finally… Australia. It was there that I was crowned the new Emperor of this planet. Matthew and Jared fought valiantly, but in the end my strategy (and luck with dice) won the day.

Have no fear, I will reign justly… once everyone sends me a cheque for $25. I will take my new duties seriously… so much so, that today is my last day at my present job. Why would I analyze data when I have a planet to rule over? Tomorrow morning, I’ll make my way to British Columbia to visit Tiernan the First. As my only nephew, he will be next in line for the throne until I have children of my own who will usurp him.

My flight leaves tomorrow morning at 9am, so posting will be light over the next week (depending on how readily available net access is), and then light again the week after as I start my new job as a Tech Writer. Stay posted for photos from BC and stories about the trip. Also, I’ll be posting new rules for conduct and how to get your new taxes to me, your Supreme Ruler and Emperor. I love ‘Risk’.


Silent Talkie; the Third

Issue three is on top secret newstands near you. The secret is that it’s NOT on newstands, but on the internet! Ssssh, I wasn’t the one who told you, okay? I hope GWB didn’t illegal wiretap this conversation.

It's a WHALE of an issue

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Waiting Patiently

While we wait patiently for Issue Three of Silent Talkie to go live (there’s some last second deadline work being done as we speak), perhaps I should again encourage those of you reading quietly to yourselves to submit something… anything. Have you taken some cool photos recently? Have you seen a really good movie you want to review? Have you written a rant, or have something you desperately want to rant about? SUBMIT IT!!

Nothing is too ridiculous or too serious, so get that work in and we’ll make sure that it gets out. In the meantime, tell your friends. Nothing spreads like word of mouth… except for the plague.

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A&E’s Biography

Yesterday marked a milestone in my professional writing career, as I was encouraged to write my first-ever bio. Now, for anyone out there who’s ever been asked to write something about themselves in the third person, you’ll know how difficult it is to be objective… so I just gave up and went for “over-the-top”. The bio should be posted in this week’s Silent Talkie (most likely in the ‘About‘ section).

Just as a bit of a teaser (and a note to any would-be future Dave Duncan biographers out there) I really like to call myself an idiot savant. It’s kind of a catch-all phrase. I mean, it can’t really be argued that I’m a genius… if you DO try to argue it with me, I’ll just stick my fingers in my ears and scream “I CAN’T HEAR YOU, I CAN’T HEAR YOU” over and over until you give up and walk away. That’s the idiot part.

Writing biographies of other people is WAY easier. To be honest, I’m really hoping one of my close friends hits the big-time somehow. That way, I can approach them to be their official biographer. It’s a pretty sweet situation, actually. If they agree, I get to be a ‘hanger on’ in their wild ride to celebrity (all-expenses paid, of course) and if they disagree, well… unauthorized biographies sell like hotcakes… especially the ones filled with venomous lies like mine would be. Do you hear that, friends of mine?!? DON’T FREEZE ME OUT!

Well, now that I’ve made all the not-so-thinly veiled threats I should make today, I’m off to do some research on all of you.


Atta Boy!

Tiernan Marc Bonnar was born at 6:25 Pacific time on friday evening. Weighing in at 7 lbs 6 ozs and measuring about 19 inches long, he won’t be winning any heavyweight boxing matches like his uncle did (at 9 lbs and sundry ozs) but we’ll give him a few years to train first.

Aside from a lot of pain, everything went off without a hitch, and when I spoke to both Deb and Tim on Saturday, they sounded really relaxed and happy. Apparently he’s a very quiet baby so far and he spends most of his time sleeping. The new family was scheduled to head home last night, so hopefully they’re all resting comfortably as you read this.

In other news, I’ve been informed by my mom that the “pressure is NOT off” me as a result of this baby. That’s good to know. Thanks, mom. 🙂

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When it Rains, It Pours!

In a week, I’ll be flying out to BC to visit my sister and brother-in-law who are expecting the first kid in the family (making me an uncle for the first time). I booked my week there to coincide with Deb’s due date which was right at the end of the month. Well, unlike his or her mother, this kid has decided to be early (setting a remarkable trend by Duncan standards) and Deb’s water broke last night.

At last report, she’s still at home having contractions too far apart to actually give birth. That means a couple of things. First, unless she’s in labour for a week, I’ll miss the birth. Second, it’s not likely to be a quick birth and this kid can look forward to a lifetime of hearing “I was in labour with you for 320 hours!”. Poor little munchkin.

On the plus side, he or she is going to have a wicked cool uncle who will spoil him or her any and every chance he gets.

So, not only is my professional title changing, but so is my personal one… adding ‘Uncle’ to Son, Grandson, and Brother. I guess this means I’ll have to order new business cards.

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