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Saturday night marks that time of year when we all get to lose an hour of sleep so we can see more daylight. I’m sure it’s worth it, but those first few days are deadly. Just don’t forget to set your clocks ahead an hour when you go to bed on saturday night.

Have a great weekend!

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Frige’s Day… How Apt

It’s gorgeous outside today, which is very appropriate given where the word ‘friday‘ comes from. Oh, those Germanic goddesses… is there anything they cant’ do?

I was hoping to have a photo or two of the new addition to the Castle for today, but alas I didn’t have the time to snap a few shots and post them. Can you ever forgive me? What if I promise to do it later? Thanks… you’re a peach. In the meantime, just imagine a very beautiful and ornate piano with carved detailing in dark wood. Bam. Can anyone out there tell me if a one hundred year-old Mason & Risch piano would have real ivory and ebony keys?

Tonight marks the commencement of The Duncan Family Move: Part Two. We’ve rented another truck to haul stuff from Pickering up to the Ottawa Valley which means another very short trip ‘home’ and lots of lifting. I think we also need to make a run to the cottage to drop off all the furniture my parents ‘borrowed’ in the fall because they didnt’ have any in the new house. 🙂

Here’s the part of my post where I call two people out… specifically. Silent Talkie needs contributors and I know of two people who have a lot to say, and who can write really well, so they should submit this week. Shari-Anne Gibson and Andrew LaFleur… come on down… you’re the next contestants on “Dave is going to publically force you to submit to an online artzine”.

Write something up this weekend and either email it to me or send it to ‘submit-at-silenttalkie.com’ by monday to see your name in lights. Well… backlit pixels, at least. Come back monday to see if they actually submitted (and yes, there are prizes involved here… I’m not above petty bribery).

Finally, only two more weeks until I don’t have to hear how great Cadbury Creme Egss are. It’s a lie by the way… they taste like ice cream that’s been dropped in sand at the beach.


Eight is Grrrreat!

Pssst. Psssssssssssssssssssssst. ‘Silent Talkie Mission Eight: Bearalicious‘ is a go. All forces please report to your stations.

Bears LOVE trucks

If you just want read the lastest installment of Dale’s Day, just click here. Also, for this week’s issue, I slapped together a little primer on war movies for the Video section. Check it out and let me know what you think.

We would LOVE your submission. I would love your submission. I would love and care for it as though it was my own. Seriously.

Also, if you don’t voluntarily submit, we’ll start coming to you to ask for a submission in a more ‘forceful’ way. We’ll send Vinny to your house… and if Vinny is too soft on you, we’ll send Rocco. If you think I’m just reinforcing ethnic stereotypes, you might want to know that Vinny is a member of the Japanese Yakuza and Rocco is a bear… a large grizzly bear. At Silent Talkie, we don’t work with the mob. I guess that means YOU’RE the one with the ethnic biases… maybe you should work through that… in writing… and submit it to Silent Talkie…

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Piano Day

So I have to head home at some point to let in the piano movers. Yup, Pembroke Castle now officially has a Conservatory… which also triples as the Living Room and Dining Room. It’s fortunate that it’s a REALLY big room.

Sadly, I had to dress up today for a retirement party after work, so I’m wearing dress shoes. I didn’t think about that too clearly this morning since I’m going to be walking home TWICE in my rather attractive but sorely uncomfortable shoes. Oh well, I’m a young man. I’m sure I can suck it up.

Gotta go!

UPDATE at 4:25pm: The piano is now in the house. It needs some tuning, but it looks and sounds great. As if I have a piano in my house. Ha ha ha.

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Fooled Ya!

Ha! I bet you thought this was going to be just a shameless plug for Silent Talkie… like I do every week. Well, you appear to be wrong. Sure, you’re only wrong because this week’s issue release will be a little late, but you’re wrong nonetheless and that means that I can gloat, which is one of my favourite activities.

Instead, I come to you with a request… send me money… gobs and gobs of money. I only have a short time left to make it to Turkey to see a Total Solar Eclipse, and I think that if all of you send me enough money to go, I can write about it when I get back and everyone wins… but more specifically, I win… and you owe that to me after simply assuming that this post would be your weekly reminder that Silent Talkie gets updated every wednesday. Did I already mention that this week’s issue would be just a tad late? You can incorporate it into your thursday morning web reading… for that time when you’re fighting to stay awake while producing cover sheets for your TPS reports. Now, where was I? Ah yes, eclipses…

I remember the first eclipse I saw. I was in high school at the time, and it was a wednesday (the day that Silent Talkie is traditionally updated) in spring. We all went outside with these dark plastic windows framed in cardboard so we could stare into the sun in defiance of convential wisdom and the warnings of our mothers. Although it wasn’t much of a fashion statement, it was pretty darn cool… unlike being a regular Silent Talkie contributor, which is both fashionable AND darn cool. Plus, you get paid oodles of … compliments, I guess. Not to mention the bragging rights of helping produce enough content to get a weekly magazine out on time. So there’s that.

So the moral of the story is that eclipses are awesome, and please wait patiently for this week’s issue of Silent Talkie… it’ll be worth it.

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All-Requests; All the Time

I still haven’t had time to get photos of my nephew up in my gallery, and some of you (namely his mother… 😉 ) have started to get antsy in your pantsies. Well, in a bid to outdo Neville Chamberlain for the title of ‘Greatest Appeaser of All-Time’ I seek to temper your collective anger and curiosity with a few links.

First up, although he’s not even two months old, this little guy is already on the forefront of technology with his very own blog. I’m sure as he becomes more aware of the world around him, he’ll start to post about his favourite indie bands, or why web 2.0 apps are 733t, but until then, the posts are mostly about his development.

If reading isn’t your thing (which would mean you don’t read this anyways, so I can talk smack about you now and you’ll never know. Bwahahahaha), then you should hit up his flickr account to check out his stunning good looks and funny faces.

So, it has been proven that if you ask nicely enough, I’ll submit to requests in here. Is there anything else any of you want to see? Perhaps photos of my collection of spoons from various cities? If I didn’t have my spoons, I’d go mad. Well… it’s more of ‘a spoon’ to be honest… and I’ve never been to Bismarck, North Dakota, but I hear it’s a beautiful place with lots of… wheat, and pickup trucks. Yeah. Go read my nephew’s blog, wouldja?


A Disturbing Series of Events

What a weekend! Here’s a breakdown of some of the more alarming events.

1. I’m in the money in our NCAA Basketball pool. That is to say, that I came in dead last and won my money back. In one year I’ve gone from the top of the heap, to the bottom of the pack. Awesome.

2. On saturday, I went to put a few bags into our outside garbage can. Inside, was a box someone had dumped there last garbage day while the cans were out in the street. I went to pull the box out and noticed it was AWFULLY heavy. It turns out that a rather large cat decided to curl up in our garbage can to die and was frozen in our garbage can. Apparently this is what cats do when they sense they’re going to die… they wander away from home and curl up somewhere. Awesome. At least it didn’t curl up into Jared’s engine block or something.

3. Shari and I went and saw a documentary that EVERYONE should see. It’s called “Why We Fight“, and it’s a pretty scathing indictment of the US foreign policy and the build-up of the so-called ‘industrial military complex’. Most of the interview subjects are BIG names in the Republican party, and it would be hard to say that it’s entirely bi-partisan, but it looks at how the US gov’t is set up in an historical perspective, so it’s hardly ‘anti-Bush’. Go see it.

Now, I’m off to drink coffee and write policies.

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Green Thumbs

For work, a bunch of us received a pot, some soil, and some marigold seeds to grow here in the office (don’t ask), and mine are shooting out of the soil like zombies out of a graveyard! I’ve never really tried to get a plant to grow before, so I never knew that I would be good at it. My mom has always been good with some of the dry-weather plants (read: She doesn’t water plants well), but my Grandma can grow ANYTHING. I guess I got her gardening skills as well as her baking skills.

Since the marigolds started to take off, I’ve been taking better care of some Ikea plants in my bathroom. They haven’t really been thriving, but they haven’t died either (mostly because Ikea plants are nearly indestructable). Since my pampering has started, I’ve noticed a marked improvement in their health and well-being.

So I’m thinking that perhaps it’s time to get a few more leafy plants in my bedroom (with no cat to eat them anymore). I could use the fresh air, and my room would look a little more lively. Maybe I can take advantage of house-living by taking control of our front and side gardens. I doubt I could grow vegetables and get to them before the racoons do (they’re digging up our yard for grubs as we speak), but surely some flowers or leafy ground-cover plants would look nice… not to mention the rosebush that’s already situated directly under our front bay window. That’ll look pretty with a little attention and love.

Well, now that I’ve spent an entire post talking about gardening and pretty roses, I should probably mention power tools or firearms or something. So… power tools… firearms… something. Seriously though… I’m manly. I chop wood. I can start a fire with little more than a twig and sheer determination. Would you believe me if I said that I was growing a pretty garden as bait to draw in big game? No? Okay. I’ll just go now then.


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