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The Rain in Spain Cannot be this Insane

I’m working away and suddenly BAM, our office fire alarm goes off and we’re all whisked out of the building and across the street. It doesn’t happen often, and although my ears were ringing from the intercom buzzer thingy that was trying to save our lives, it’s nice when out-of-the-ordinary things happen in the office.

So we’re standing on Bloor St. and I noticed something… things were very different outside than they were on my way in this morning. The northwestern sky was black and the temperature had dropped about 5 degrees. The wind was picking up and over the sounds of traffic the sky had started rumbling.

We got the all clear to head back into the building seconds before the skies opened up and the wickedest Toronto thunderstorm of 2006 hit in full force. Freaking sweet. Water poured down like crazy and thunderclaps kept going and going and going.

After a few hours, it seems like it’s just finished up and I have to admit I’m a little sad we didn’t lose power. I could’ve started my weekend a little early. He he he. On the other hand, heading home isn’t really a pleasant thought right now. We have a leak in our basement, and when it rains our basement floods just enough to be annoying. Castles are pretty sweet, but they have their drawbacks too. Flooding in the dungeon is pretty common in most Canadian urban castles though.


Thursday is the new Friday

It’s thursday, and you all know what that means… FUSSBALL!!! I’m not sure if I can make it tonight, but Jared and http://www.karimawad.com/index.htmwill be there, and we’ll even have a ball this time. For more info, click the banner below. (Banner courtesy of Karim).

ZweiLinken Fuss

I’m off tomorrow, but I’m not leaving until midday-ish, so that means I can watch the Germany V. Argentina match in the World Cup. I think it’s going to be the best game yet, and I hope that Germany wins by two… no bets though.

In case I don’t get a chance to say goodbye, have a great long weekend everybody… and we’ll see you next week!


The House Always Wins

Brad’s rally cry of “What could you possibly have?!?” rang loud and clear at the Pembroke Casino last night… all night, and for a change it usually came out in my favour. It’s not often that I win, and it’s not often that I win much money, but with nine full chairs last night, the pot was significant and the cards were smiling at me. Success!

In case you’ve been holding off on coming out for Poker Night because the facilities of Pembroke Castle weren’t quite up to your standards (which must be ridiculous… it’s a freaking castle!!), all that will change tonight thanks to our good friend Brian. He’s donating his old BBQ to dress up our fantabulous patio which means that poker nights will now include seared beef. Actually, it means that EVERY night will include seared meat.

Speaking of seared meat… Canada Day weekend is at three days and counting. Mmm, porch.

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Ben… It’s Over, Man. Stop Celebrating!

Last night was Ben’s REAL birthday, so a few of us headed to The Wheat Sheaf to gorge on wings. I’m still full, and Jared and I took off pretty early. If you have $30 kicking around, and you’re REALLY hungry for 100 wings, head to The Wheat Sheaf on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday after 5pm. Whatever you don’t eat, you can take home, so plan your weekly meal schedule accordingly.

Benny, that’s it. That’s all you get from me. I’m also a fan of getting the most out of birthday week, but you’re wearing me out buddy. Still, we’ll always have the ‘Summer Breeze’. Ah, sweet memories. Let the birthdays continue!!!

In other news, Friday is the ‘day of days’. Germany plays Argentina and a few of us keeners head up to Quebec early to begin the annual tradition anew. Huzzah… huzzah, indeed.

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So Tired

I guess you noticed that I didn’t post on friday. Sorry ’bout that. I was up in Muskoka for a work ‘Team Day’, and I got burnt (literally and figuratively) by the sun. It was a gorgeous day and a great time, but as soon as I got home I crashed… hard.

Still a little wobbly, a bunch of us headed out for a boat tour of the Toronto Harbour on saturday night to celebrate Ben’s birthday. It was a formal-dress affair, so we were all on our best behaviour… for a bit. After the boat, we headed to the Irish Embassy for some libations and music (they were showing a live U2 DVD, but kept switching songs). Sometime after last call, we all headed our separate ways and I crawled into bed around 4am.

A few hours later, most of us were sitting in church downtown… looking pretty rough. We hit up Cora’s for brunch afterwards, although the conversation was mostly grunts and nods until the coffee started flowing and our food showed up.

For some reason, yesterday just kept going and going and going. I love days where you just move from one thing to another; from one group of friends to the next. It’s tiring, but fulfilling. I’d have to say that this was the best weekend I’ve had in a while, and since Ben’s birthday is rolling into tonight, dare I say… it’s not over yet?

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Despite my best efforts, I STILL haven’t been able to sit down and watch an entire soccer game in this year’s World Cup. Between busy weekends and doing work in the office on weekdays, it’s kind of hard to get in front of a TV for a few hours, but I’m hoping to change all that this weekend.

The fan rivalry in Pembroke Castle is about to begin. Our roommate Matt (an Englishman) recently put St.George’s Cross window flag on his car. Since the Scots aren’t in the Cup (I’ll still sneak into his room some night and tattoo St.Andrew’s Cross on his head), I’m going to hang my sadly outdated West German flag in the front window.

Speaking of German (poor segue, Dave… poor segue)…


… what are your plans for tonight? Playing some soccer in the park, eh? You have chosen wisely.


Late Update

Sorry for the late update. I had a hastily-scheduled dentist appointment this morning in East York, so my morning quickly disappeared before my eyes. Mind you, my normally dazzling smile is that much more dazzling now. You’re jealous.

Here’s something that doesn’t often happen in a city as big as Toronto… I’m in the waiting room reading MacLean’s when the receptionist calls out to me “Hey. Bob’s your uncle”. Not really knowing why she said it, but being tickled by hearing someone say that in such a weird circumstance, I laughed. “No, you have an uncle Bob… your dad’s brother… he’s in one of the rooms having a cleaning.” she clarifies. Indeed, there was my uncle Bob having his pearly whites bedazzled (not using the brand-name sparkle product “The Bedazzler”, but with sharply pointed metal prongs and the like).

We had a brief visit (as a visit with someone jabbing at your teeth while you speak can only be brief) and each went on our way.

This is the kind of thing that can happen when you go to the same dentist that your dad’s family has been visiting since their teenage years.

Have a good day, and “Bob’s your Uncle!”. That kills me. Ha ha ha.

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Fireworks Explodin’ in the Distance

And then, like a sudden rush of wind, Canada Day weekend was nearly upon us. Its dreamy perfume of searing beef and mosquito repellent just faintly wafting towards us. Yes, that’s right… Canada Day. So are you coming? If so, you should probably send me an email. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you haven’t been reading this site very long.

This year I’m looking forward to lighting the fireworks off the wharf at the bay. For once, I’m going to come prepared with a propane torch so we don’t have a re-creation of the last few years where the wind + my zippo = burnt fingers.

I already have some of the toys for that night, and I can hardly wait to wander into the Tigre Geant to pick out some roman candles, boomers, and whatever else they have around that ISN’T a burning schoolhouse (which is the worst firework ever).

So the big question is… will Mike ‘pull a Mike’ and appear from nowhere again this year? I think he will, but anyone out there care to lay down some odds?

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