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What’s That Weed-killer Stuff called?

Oh yeah, Round-up.

Friday: I restrung both of my guitars, and did some maintenance work on Marty’s (which I’ve been babysitting for a while) in the afternoon and then hosted Kenneth for a couple of drinks at the Castle. We headed down to Harbourfront for what can only be called “Winnipeg-fest”. Although the Beaches Jazz Festival was in full-swing, some ‘Peg bands were putting on live shows at Harbourfront all weekend. We caught an act called The Duhks (pronounced ‘ducks’) and they were great. Really folky with a great stage prescence.

Saturday: I met up with Kenneth at his place to head out for brunch. He guided me into a nearby industrial area, then through a path in an alley that opens up next to an abandoned grocery store and Shopper’s Drug Mart. I thought he was going to murder me and steal my wallet. Instead, I was pleased to find myself seated in the Kingsway Family Restaurant enjoying a fine breakfast in a really nice diner (given that it’s in a part of the city that’s basically forgotten).

Afterwards, I headed home to nap and watch some TV before heading out to Dan and Sue’s for a fantastic BBQ. Sue had made this seasoned roast pork that would make a rabbi salivate. After I’d had my fill of meat, Kenneth and I headed to Terminal 1 at Pearson to pick Jared up after his week-long trip home. I greeted him (for the second time) with a limo-driver-style sign that read ‘Mr. Lunchbox McBelvedere’. I’m funny.

Terminal 1 is gorgeous… but confusing. It’s bloody hard to find an open Tim Hortons in there, but at least when you’re wandering around aimlessly, the view is nice.

Sunday: I had a pretty early morning (for a sunday) that started with a trip to the nearest Tim Hortons for some liquid wake-up. After doing some work on a computer, some housecleaning and a bit of writing, I headed off to church… where I found out I would be playing guitar… so I drove home to get my guitar and was very glad I restrung it on friday. Great story, eh?

After church, I headed out shopping with Jared and Matthew. We needed some supplies for a little BBQ shindig we’re throwing tonight. On our trip, Matthew let us know that we have a stow-away at the castle. A mouse attacked him in our main floor washroom on sunday afternoon. We should charge the little bugger rent.

Sadly, I had to miss Meagan’s birthday party in Hamilton on sunday evening. Even sadder, her birthday party was actually in Hamilton. I’m so sorry that you had to celebrate your birthday there, Meagan.

My weekend ended with me sitting on the couch watching Secondhand Lions, which while schmaltzy… was still a pretty good movie.


Fuss und Ball und Fuss

Some people don’t like waiting, but I don’t really mind. Sure, I can get impatient for things, but when it comes to just sitting around and waiting for people, it ain’t no thang. That’s why I sat at Jarvis Collegiate for 20 minutes last night waiting to see if anyone else would brave the mugginess to play soccer. It’s actually a bit of a relief that no one showed up. I had no ball. 🙂

So, now I have to price out soccer balls and buy one before next thursday. I have no idea what a decent ball costs, or what constitutes a decent ball. I could just go all out and get a good name ball that will cost more money (Adidas, etc) and just assume that the quality is there, or I could take into account how low-grade our soccer club is and get a ball of the same grade (one of those Venus balls you played Dodgeball with in elementary school).

I’m also getting to a point where the Nike’s I bought in early high school won’t make the grade as sports footwear any longer. That means getting cleats, running shoes, or both. Man, this is turning into an expensive hobby. I wonder if I could make a name for myself as being the guy who plays barefoot… like Shoeless Joe Jackson. I guess I’d also be known as the guy with no toenails and cleat scars all over the top of his feet from being stepped on.

I wonder if it’s time that Zwei LinkenFuss got some professional and/or corporate sponsorship so we could afford some equipment and jerseys. Hmmm. Maybe that’s something we’ll prepare for in the off-season… while we train in the ice and snow. Mmm, ‘ice and snow’.


Roscoe P. Coltrane

I think you’re a wuss. I mean, look at you. You’re sitting there staring at your computer screen… your butt firmly planted behind a desk for hours on end. Man, you’ve lost touch with the way the world should really be. We should all be running around… challenging our bodies AND minds… taking a dive for a yellow card. Yes, that’s right. This is another shameless plug for soccer night in Canada. Honestly… can you believe I haven’t given up on this yet?


After a few nights of really poor sleep, I spent some time rehydrating in the humidity last night and had a really good night’s sleep. I dreamed that I got rich and spent my days driving all over the place in a Dodge Charger that was an exact replica of the General Lee. Sounds strange, eh? I guess it was on my mind from a conversation the other night with Matthew and Logan about painting up his Chevy Cavalier to look the General and welding the doors shut.

How could you NOT find adventure in an orange car with a gigantic Confederate flag painted on the roof? Oh, and numbers on the doors.

On a sad historical note, a good indicator of how popular the Dukes are in comparison to a great US General of days past is that if you do a Google Image Search for “general lee”, the US general doesn’t show up on the first page. It’s all Dodge Charger. Screw history. Let’s look to the future! A future of hick inbreeding, moonshine runnin’, and publically revealing the ineptitude of local law enforcement.

You’ve got that theme song stuck in your head now, don’t you? My work is done here.

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Moths and Turtles

I couldn’t sleep last night. I blame it on a mix of the heat, worrying about why our basement smells like rotting meat, and the heat. So like I tend to do, I headed to the living room to see what was on TV and I watched the middle hour of The Mothman Prophecies on TBS. The only reason I turned it off was that I wanted to watch it again from the beginning and not know the end. Man, what a really good movie. It’s scary without being stupid and gory.

Probably the biggest surprise is that Richard Gere is actually believable as being someone other than Richard Gere. I know… I was shocked too.

In other movie news, apple.com is hosting the trailer for the NEW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. I mean, come on… are they even trying anymore? Is there an original idea anywhere in Hollywood? If you’re going to remake movies, at least remake OLD movies and give them a fresh perspective. sigh.


Square Feet Leave Weird Footprints

‘Square Foot’ is an art show at AWOL Gallery here in Toronto. All of the works are one foot by one foot and no more than 5 inches deep and they represent all media. The show is a mix of established artists and Joe Schmoes (like me) and all the works are $200. Here’s the info…

One foot

Two foot

Karim is in the same show, along with a few other people that some regular readers might know.

I’ll be front and centre at the opening reception (just hours before I go on vacation) so feel free to stop by, and if you do… think long and hard about buying one of my photographs. 😉

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Artist, Mechanic and Music Critic

What a weekend! It was hot, it was cold, it was dry, it was wet… and I packed quite a bit into it too. Here’s the round-up.

Friday: After work I was supposed to take Jared to the airport for his flight back home to Manitoba, but I couldn’t get my car to work in reverse. It seems that my parking brake had jammed (so now I know not to use it). The actual lever in the car wasn’t jammed, but the brake wouldn’t release. I called a few auto shops who all told me to crawl under the car and tug on the cable that operates the parking brake to shake the shoes loose. It didn’t work. On my dad’s recommendation, I jacked the car up and took off the wheel. That gave me better access to the brakes and I was able to shake it loose. Thanks Dad!

The rest of the night was spent trying to get photos blown up in high quality for an art show. For some reason I thought this would be a lot easier.

Saturday: I took a trip to IKEA with Dan to try and find some 1’x1′ frames (again, the art show… again, harder than I thought) and he was looking for some patio furniture for his new patio. He was pretty excited to have access to my wagon to load a set into, and I was pretty excited to finally have a load for my wagon, but it wasn’t meant to be.

For the art pieces, I ended up cutting the photos to size and spraying spray adhesive onto 1’x1′ canvas and gluing them on. It doesn’t look all that professional, but the photos are freaking sweet. I’ll have some more info about the show as it gets closer.

Matthew and I drove down to the gallery to drop the pieces off and swung by the beer store for Gertie’s first REAL trunk load… a 24 of Moosehead.

Sunday: I had my first gig as a sound guy in 10 years, which was fun. And a few of us (Logan, Amanda, Meagan and Chris) headed to Sneaky Dee’s for dinner and to catch a few live bands upstairs. We saw a pretty convincing White Stripes tribute band (I don’t think that was their intention though) and a band who sounded a bit like Primus, only not. The music wasn’t bad, especially given that it was ‘Pay What You Can Night’.

I think I’m going to start hanging out at Sneaky Dee’s again. Kenneth and I used to spend a lot of time there, and the vibe there is great. The food is really good and the service is very… uh… pleasant. It’s an experience every time.


Shalom; Peace be With You

Lebanon… Israel… Syria… Iran… Iraq… sigh. I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading lately about what’s going on in the middle east. A LOT of people seem to know the perfect solution to what’s going on there… it’s just too bad that all those solutions are different, and most require bloodshed of biblical proportions.

I always thought that a peaceful resolution seemed like a pretty simple thing and that most of the parties engaged in violence were just stubborn, but after a lot of reading, I’m just on the verge of seeing how complicated this whole situation really is. More importantly, I’m realizing how difficult it is for a Westerner to comprehend the complex issues of how the last century has turned the middle east into the powderkeg it is today.

So as I struggle to try and understand what’s going on over there while feeling completely helpless to do anything about it, all I can do is appreciate all that I have here in Canada. There are no artillery shells or rockets falling around me, there are no refugee camps or kidnappings, and my faith and ethnic background don’t put me at any risk. I’m free and safe to be who I am and I’m only limited in my actions to treating others in the same way. Pretty sweet deal, eh?

Still, I’d like to see us here in Canada do more to struggle out of this mire of ignorance about the middle east. If we even began to understand the root causes of everything that happens over there, we might be less likely to see a news item about rocket attacks and say “Oh, those crazy Israelis” or “Hezbollah is at it again” and instead say “Oh man, those poor people getting bombed back to the stone age”.

That might sound like a classic bleeding-heart liberal slogan to some of you, but what more can you really say?


Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse!

Not only do I now have the car of my dreams (although the reality is a little less spectacular), but I have it on good authority that the giant pile of household garbage that’s been decorating our patio since we moved in back in January is being shipped out today. The giant pile was moved out as part of the housecleaning before we moved in, and for the last 8 months we’ve been told that it would be taken care of shortly. Well, yesterday our gardener said he’d been told where to take it, so he was going to do it today.

So our patio would be ideal for BBQs every day, except that now that Gertie is sleeping in front of the house, Jared’s car is parked on our patio. I think we’re part of a larger, world-wide patio conspiracy. Someone out there doesn’t want us living it up in comfort on our patio.

It’ll be easy to park one of our cars in the lot around the corner to make room for a party, so feel free to invite yourself over anytime.

Oh, and speaking of stuff you want to do…

You know you want to...


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