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A Justification for Tazers

I was lazy this morning.  So lazy.  Rather than walk all the way to work, I decided to walk to the subway and ride the three stops to my office.  It actually takes a few minutes longer, but I can zone out on the train and do some quality people-watching.

After my walk to Dundas station, I try to step on the train but a very tall and large (not fat, but not muscular either… just tall and wide) man is blocking the door on the half full train.  I clear my throat to get his attention and tap him on the shoulder, but he keeps talking to his friend.  As the doors are closing, I force my way past him to get on the train, narrowly missing getting caught in the doors.

Up until now, I gave Gigantor the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe he’s sleepy and didn’t hear me.  Perhaps he’s a tourist and therefore is unfamiliar with subway ettiquette (although it’s pretty universal that standing in front of a door is a jerk move).   Then he did something terrible.  He stared me down and swore at me.  First, for touching him… second, for not apologizing for shoving him.  Jerk.

I shook my head at him (noticing that EVERYONE in the car was in disbelief at his reaction) and moved into the car where I could watch him for the next few stops.  At each stop, he stayed in front of the door and blocked people trying to get on.  At College, there were almost ten people who had to shove past him, and two people were left on the platform when the doors closed even though the train car was far from full.  At this point, he graduated from ‘Jerk’ to ‘Ass’.

At Bloor, I got out through a different set of doors and headed to Tim Hortons, glad to be rid of the angry giant.  Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.  At Timmy’s he was in the line next to mine, and I got to see him in action again.

First, as people were trying to cut through his line to get out of the store, he would just stand his ground and give people the ‘eff off’ look.  Second, once he got to the counter, he simply asked for a large coffee.  When the countergirl asked how he would like it, he repeated very loudly “I WOULD LIKE A LARGE COFFEE.” and then muttered under his breath that people should learn English when they come here.  Pure… awesome.

Thankfully, the next guy in line apologized on behalf of humanity, but you should all be warned that there’s a 6’5″ moron out there who’s making everyone’s lives miserable one interaction at a time.

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Crystallized Di-Hydrogen Oxide

I spent a lot of time and energy last night shoveling our walks, driveway and sidewalk of 10cm of soft, beautiful powder, and all I wanted to do was jump into the snowbanks I created and burrow into little tunnels.  It’s so nice to have a real snowfall for a change, and it gives me hope that we can do some winter camping this year (although almost all my weekends are booked up already).

On top of the beautiful snowfall happiness I’m experiencing, I also have a sense of relief and pride at the relaunch of SilentTalkie.  The magazine is much sleeker, easier to read and MUCH easier to produce each week, so we can focus more on generating content and buzz and less time building the actual magazine.

I know you may be sick of hearing about ST, but she’s my baby so I like to brag about her whenever possible.

Now, I have to run off to a meeting.  Have a good day!

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The Hallmark Holiday

Ah, St. Valentine’s Day. It’s a perfect day for retail and restaurant businesses to take advantage of our emotions and desires for financial gain. Really, today is all about that mystic and unattainable love that only exists in movies… really bad movies.

Real love is what happens the other 364 days of the year, and it’s far more complicated, sometimes painful, and ultimately far more rewarding. Real love isn’t chocolate hearts once a year, or a bouquet of roses. Real love gives gifts that are far more important, lasting and beautiful. It’s not cartoon hearts and cupids… it’s real emotion, sacrifice, support, compassion and understanding.

(Here’s where I step it up so you don’t think I’m a burn-out romance-wise)

So tonight, Danielle and I are having a nice low-key evening (after having a beautiful romantic weekend away in Ottawa). We’re going to grab some cheap dinner and maybe go see a good movie. Nothing crazy, nothing expensive, nothing extravagant… but I’m going to make sure she knows that I feel the same about her today as every other day… that I’m crazy about ‘mon bijou’. 😉

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There’s No Launch Like a RE-launch!

After what seems like forever (mostly because it’s been forever) everyone’s favourite pseudo arts magazine is back on the airwaves… or e-airwaves… or airwaveslog. What do you call it on the internet? I’m digressing…

Squiddy Goodness at last!

SilentTalkie Volume 2 is here (in soft-launch form) and she’s chock-full of brand-spanking new content from a variety of writers (both old and new). I have a couple of fancy-pants articles in there (specifically the Editorial, the Video article and the Top Ten), and many of them have less hyphens than this paragraph. I promise.

Special thanks to Karim for keeping the dream alive in spite of the naysayers who said ST would never see the light of day again (Steve).So check it out, drop a comment, write an article or four and for goodness sake, TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS! Nothing gives us a sense of self-worth and inflated self-esteem like the manna of any good website writers… hits, links and referrals. Oh yeah, they’re sweet.

We also welcome your comments and constructive criticisms on the site, so feel free to let loose on us. Just keep in mind that since we don’t get paid for this, we reserve the right to ignore you or to let loose back. I’m sure we won’t, but we reserve that right.

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A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Here’s the weekend recap for you…

Friday: We drove up to Ottawa (stopping off in Belleville and Kingston to hit up Canadian Tire for skates) and enjoyed a beautiful sunset in the rear view mirror.  We arrived in Ottawa at our friend’s suite, and discovered it was a SWEET hotel.

Saturday: We grabbed breakfast on the run as we headed to the canal to skate its full-length twice.  The weather was perfect, but breaking in new skates wreaked havoc on both of us.  After skating a dozen or so kilometres, we wandered into Confederation Park to check out all the ice sculptures.  They were stunning.

Frozen to the bone, we headed to the Byward Market to a Patisserie for some warm drinks, warm air and people-watching.  We wandered around the market for a while and then headed back to the hotel to hit up the pool and hottub for some recovery-time.

In the evening, we went back to the market to enjoy a great Valentine’s Day dinner at my favourite restaurant in the whole world; The Black Tomato.  The food was excellent and the ambiance was stellar… not to mention the company.  Following dinner, we met up with a friend of Danielle’s for a quick drink before calling it a night.

Sunday: Danielle’s mom, sister and her mom’s boyfriend drove up from Montreal for brunch, so we overate to our heart’s content and Danielle, Lisa and I skated a few more kilometres on the canal. We followed that up with my only Beavertail of the entire weekend (which is really a shame) and we headed back to the hotel to pack up and head home.

That’s a remarkably concise summary, but suffice it to say that this was the best and most relaxing weekend I’ve had in a while, and I’m confident that Danielle feels the same way.  Pictures to come (I promise)!

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Back from Winterlude

We’re back from a great trip to Ottawa for Winterlude.  A full review is on its way, but since I was off on friday, I’ve got some catching up to do at work.  I should have some photos up shortly too.  We got some great shots out on the canal and out and about in Ottawa.

We also bought skates.  I’m the proud owner of some stiff Nike skates that tried to break-in my ankles.  I guess this means that I’ll have to take advantage of the free outdoor rinks around the city now.

On the health-front, I’m feeling much better but for some reason my voice decided to disappear today (much to the relief of my co-workers).  Aside from that, I’d say I’m healthy and refreshed.  Too bad I had to come back to work, eh?

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Home Sick (not Homesick)

I think I’m actually feeling worse today, but I’m still looking forward to heading up to Ottawa tonight for Winterlude.  I’m sure that part of the reason I’m sick is from letting myself get run down, so a mini-vacation (even with a cold) will do me wonders.

Plenty of photos and stories to come!


Cough, Cough, Cough

I went to bed at 7pm last night thanks, in large part, to Neo Citran.  I think that’s the earliest I’ve gone to bed as an adult.  I woke up around 10 and had some tea before going back to bed.  Although I don’t feel much better, I don’t feel any worse

In other news, imagine my surprise when I went to BoingBoing this morning and saw the banquette from Andrew and Kristina’s kitchen! You’re famous, Andrew.  I have to admit that I’m jealous.  I was hoping that SilentTalkie would be the first thing I actually knew about to show up on there.

Since all I’ve done since we last spoke was get sicker and sleep, I don’t have much to say.  Feel free to tell your own story in the comments.

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