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The Early Bird Gets Worms

My alarm went off at 6am this morning. I understand this might not be a big deal to some of you out there, but it is to me. You see, my alarm usually (almost always, in fact) goes off around 7:30 and I get into work an hour later. This is one of the joys of living so close to my office. Well, today my presence was required in my office at 7am, so there it is. An early morning.

This morning I learned that my legs don’t work at 6am, and I also learned that my bedroom floor is harder and more painful than it is later on in the day. I discovered that it’s much cooler outside before the sun has risen, and that city traffic is pretty sparse that early in the morning. I guess all the suburbanites are still stuck on the 401 somewhere outside of the city. Were I a morning person, I’m sure I would enjoy going for a jog or a walk in the calm stillness, but I’m a nighthawk so I was wishing (as I am now) that this is all just a bad dream and I’m still in bed.

Did you know that according to scientific research that I’m just making up now, getting up before 7:30 in the morning can lead to a loss of concentration, UYS (Uncontrollable Yawning Syndrome), intense irritability and even death!? It’s true! Well, I assume it’s true.

Join me in my crusade against the early morning (which should be saved for camping, fishing trips, skiing and trips to IKEA only). Seriously. We could have a telethon and ribbons and everything.

Hmmm. I think I see a problem with this plan. People who hate early mornings tend not to be the “Up and at ’em” types, which means that this whole crusade won’t really go anywhere since we’re all in bed, or red-eyed and distracted from not being in bed.

I guess that leaves us with the status quo, which I can usually live with, but not today. Wow. This is the kind of rambling drivel that I produce when I get up early, eh? I’d better not move to the suburbs where I’ll have a 2 hour commute each way every day. That could kill me.

Don’t forget to wear your ribbon!


Your Feedback is Kindly Requested

Ladies and gentlemen, I was going to write a very different kind of post today than the one that will follow this. It was going to be a seething rant the likes of which has never been seen in here. All that changed last night when I was raving on the phone to Danielle and she said “This is going to be show up as a rant on your blog tomorrow morning, isn’t it?”. Well, NOW it isn’t. So just to prove a point, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for my rant, and rest assured that I will still be in prime ranting shape after 24 hours.

In lieu of angry and rambling tirades, I thought I’d open up the floor for your ideas about the new site template. The orange text will be changing colour very soon, as will the header image (which I actually really like, but want to replace with one of my photos). The archives will be moving from the sidebar, or at least they’ll be put into a dropdown so they don’t take up acres of space and my blogroll should reappear in the next few days (and I’ll probably update it).

Some new features include my bio (‘About‘ in the upper right corner) and the inability to create a separate archive page. I really like how this theme creates a small border around images, and I prefer the larger post layout to the old design. Text is easier to read (aside from a horrendous colour scheme) and information is easier to find (and will be more so, when I get my menu configured properly).

Still, it’s not often that I find myself reading content from the main page. I spend most of my time in the WordPress back-end writing these posts and clearing my spam filters. So, as my loyal and quiet readers, now is your time to actually press that comment button and have your say.

What do you think of the re-design? What is missing? What should be missing?

Remember, this is your chance to exercise your democratic right to the freedom of opinion (which I believe we still have here in Canada, while in the US it’s been kidnapped by the Patriot Act and is being ransomed for a plane to Cuba… Guantanamo, not the other Cuba). If you don’t, the Commies will win.

He looks a bit like Jack Layton

*UPDATE: Most of the changes listed above have been incorporated, so now you can REALLY let me know what you think!



Please Ignore the Man Behind the Curtain

So it appears I did something bad while fiddling with some blog settings and my links disappeared. I brought in a new theme thinking that would solve the problem, but it didn’t. Things may be a bit weird here for a few days, but just bear with me.

It appears that my computer problems of the last few weeks know no end. “Pray for Mojo!”

*UPDATE: Thanks to Steve, everything is back up and running and the new theme is chugging along seamlessly. It’ll be changing over the coming days and weeks, so you can look forward to a new look to go along with the new name (blog.daveduncan.ca).

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Two Things… Which is Twice as Many as One

Today is Tuesday, and since the first half of the word ‘Tuesday’ sounds like two, I’m going to talk about two things. I’m sort of like Jacob Two-Two, only I’m not fictitious… or a child… or from Montreal. Hmm. I’m not much like Jacob Two-Two at all. Bah. I’ve already digressed.

On June 29th (exactly a month today) we will begin a celebration of epic proportions. As a nation, we will collectively celebrate Canada’s birthday with the consumption of alcohol and seared meat whilst watching colourful explosions. If there’s a better way to tip our hats to a lady who’s turning a spry 140 years old this year, I’d like to hear it.

As in past years (this is year eight, by my count), I’ll be opening my cottage for whoever wants to celebrate in style in a place that SCREAMS Canadian patriotism… Quebec! So, who’s in? Just fire me an email and let me know that you want to come and I’ll make it happen.

In other ‘awesome stuff to do this summer’ news, tonight is our weekly pick-up soccer game and frankly, you have no excuse NOT to come. The weather is spectacular, you’re out of shape (I was going to sugarcoat it, but you know you’re getting pudgy), and it’s more fun than Jacob Two-Two.

Just come out and play once, and if you aren’t completely satisfied, I will personally give you a full refund… of the zero dollars this costs to play. Again, this costs you zero dollars, it’s fun, and it gets you outdoors on a gorgeous evening. Can you really go wrong? Yes, by not coming you can certainly go wrong.

All the details are available by simply clicking the fancy dancy logo below. See you on the pitch… or at the cottage… or on the pitch at the cottage!

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The Gazette, a hammock and a Dress

That’s a pretty good summary for my weekend in Montreal, actually.  I drove up alone on Friday after work (Danielle flew out Thursday night so she could be at her mom’s retirement party) and rolled into the West Island after getting slightly lost (thanks for nothing, Google maps) in the wee hours of Saturday.

On saturday, Danielle, her sister and her mom headed downtown in search of a wedding dress, so I spent the day reading the Montreal Gazette, lounging in a hammock in the yard and playing with the dog.  It was great to just sit back and relax and chat with her step-dad too.  Good times in the yard.

The girls got back in time for dinner with a dress in tow (I can’t see it, apparently… something to do with bad luck) and we all had a fantastic BBQ dinner.

On sunday, we raced downtown to meet our friends Louis and Minerva for brunch and then hit up a really cool tea place.  After that, we hit the road for the long drive back to real life, leaving wedding dress shopping and hammock life behind us.  We stopped off along the way in Grafton to visit some family friends of ours at their gorgeous house on the shore of Lake Ontario (more relaxing surrealism) and then sped into the city after dark.

So, here I am on a busy Monday… longing for that hammock again.  I really need to stop spending time with so many retired people.  I’m getting jealous.

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Let Your Backbone Slide

What a day yesterday.   For various and complicated reasons, my friend Landon is out west and needed to move out of his rented apartment.  At the last second, a dozen people showed up and made easy work of some furniture and a lot of stairs.  Thanks again to everyone for coming out and lending a helping hand.

I realized last night that I’m going to have to move again this fall around the time of the wedding.  Sure, I’d realized that before, but not in the cold, harsh reality of actually packing up and physically moving everything I own.  This time around, I think I’ll hire movers.  It’s much less work (for me).

I’m heading to Montreal after work today for weekend number three of not being in Toronto.  This is a classic summer routine for me, and I love getting out and about on weekends, but I’m looking forward to staying in the city for a couple of weekends coming up.

With most of my office either incapacitated or out on vacation, I’m one of three people in here today (usually there are 10 or so), so I’m working like a dog until the bell rings and I’m free for the weekend.  It’s just a matter of hours.

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Let the Intimidazing Begin

Sometimes you receive news that literally rocks the foundations of long-held understanding that you hold near and dear.  Sometimes that doesn’t happen too, but let’s not focus on those instances right now.  No, right now is about the times when you find out that something you’ve always believed to be true is not.

My recovery from my severe ankle sprain on March 19th has been progressing marvelously, or so I’m told by my physiotherapist.  She claims that I’m almost done and well ahead of schedule.  That’s great news, and I’m looking forward to a summer of not hobbling around like an ogre.  This conversation was going on while she was stretching out my ankle, and she commented that she has a few other clients with similar ankle injuries who will take a lot longer because their ankles aren’t as strong as mine.  I have extremely strong ankles.   What?  Stop the press.

My ankles are about an inch in diameter and are as bony as pure bone.  When I’m playing sports, I roll on them like nobody’s business, and they always seem to be sore.  What gives?  Well, it turns out that I have a lot of strength in my ankles and knees, and the fact that I rarely sprain my ankles when I roll on them is testament to that.  Voila.

So, the next time you see me, if I ask you “Hey, do you know where I can find a good veternarian?”  and then I fall on my back and lift my ankles in the air shouting “Because these pythons are SICK!”, it’s because I’m flexing my awesomely strong ankles either to intimidate or amaze you.  Intimidazing you.  That’s what I’m doing.

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For Those Who Don’t Like Cheese…

… there is this other post.  Last night’s soccer game was a modest success with a grand total of eight players in the gorgeous spring sunset.  We played well past 8pm (we didn’t get home until almost 9) and had a great time.

Seriously, come on out and bring some friends.  The caliber of play is pretty meager and we’re all just out to have a good time.

We’re starting to notice the parks filling up as Torontonians begin to realize that winter is actually over and it’s safe to venture out into the streets again.  There are more families in Moss Park than drug dealers, and Allen Gardens is no longer just where dog-walkers go to let their animals poop and run around.  There are kids there playing, adults reading and throwing frisbees, and older folks sitting on benches watching the world go by.

I know it’s just a matter of time (hours, in fact) before the temperature rises to a level so high that people start to get crazy and their fuses get short, but I’m just enjoying this moment.  I think it’s called ‘Spring’, but it’s pretty brief here in Southern Ontario, so we usually just call it “that nice day a few weeks ago”.

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