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What an Unusual Day

Today is one of those strange days that happen from time to time in our calendar year.  It’s not a holiday, but it’s nestled in between a weekend and a holiday, so almost everyone is away from work.  Stores and offices will be open, but business districts, major highways and transit systems will be pretty quiet.  Well, at least there won’t be as many commuters.

It’s kind of like the few days between Christmas and New Year’s when going to work consists mostly of playing games online and eating leftover Christmas treats, except in June, the weather is sunny and warm and you can hit up a patio for a couple of wobbly pops with whoever else didn’t feel like wasting a vacation day for a four day weekend.

I’m still up at the cottage (so this is a phantom post that appeared out of nowhere…oooooooh), so I’m not one of those suckers.  I guess you are.  Sorry I just called you a sucker.  Hopefully you enjoyed yesterday’s Euro final, whatever the outcome, and you can look forward to having tomorrow off.   I suggest you enjoy it by eating some BBQ and taking a nap.  I mean, after having been at work today, you deserve it.

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This is Your Brain on … Whatever my Brain is on

Sweet fancy Moses, we’ve made it through Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so all that’s left is one brief work day and it’s the long weekend.  I can see that you’re also excited.

You look almost as excited as that day when you were quietly singing a song to yourself in your cubicle first thing in the morning, and by mid morning, you could hear your nearby co-workers singing that same song to themselves.  Oh, wait… that was me who did that, and it was this morning, and the song was “Psycho Killer” by The Talking Heads.  Awesome.

That’s the kind of day I’m having here today.  I think my next feat will be to get people singing “Norweigan Wood” by The Beatles.  I have no idea why I’m thinking of these songs, but they are firmly entrenched in my head today.

Have a great weekend everybody.  I’ll see some of you in a few hours, but the rest of you will have some posts to read on Monday and Tuesday, so feel free to keep checking back.  Go Germany, Go Canada, Go BBQ and yeah for beer!

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This World is my Domain

We’re finally back on schedule over here in blog.daveduncan.ca land, which I’m sure makes all of you very happy.  So happy, in fact, that you’ll gladly send me envelopes stuffed with cash and other valuables.  I thank you in advance for your generous gifts and donations.

Speaking of my .ca domain name, CBC radio was all abuzz this morning with reports that the world authority on domain names will be opening its doors to some new domain suffixes, and CBC online has an article about it. That would be sweet.  It’s always been my dream to own duncan.com (which is owned, but blank) or duncan.ca (which I can’t own due to restrictions on owning a .ca domain for a town name) because I could have the awesome email address of “dave@duncan.com/ca”.  Well, maybe I can finally realize my dream.  What a glorious day!  I’m not sure if I would register duncan.xxx though.  That would set expectations a little beyond what I’m prepared to deliver.

So far, I own achtungdavey.ca (my first domain, which I’m moving away from), daveduncan.ca (which will soon be more of a professional site for me) and dacd.ca (which is poised to become my personal site for me and Danielle).  Maybe the last thing I need is another domain and yet another email address.

One way I’ve dealt with my dearth of email addresses was to have them all funnel into GMail (using my POP mail settings on my server) and each address is tagged with a label in GMail.  When replying, GMail replies from one address (the one I use most often) to start updating people’s address books without having to send one of those annoying “Hey, I’ve changed email addresses” emails that we all hate so much.  Plus, GMail is awesome at catching and flagging spam.  Yeah for less spam!

That was quite a bit of internet nerdy talk, and most of it kind of rambled on, but I’ll just end by saying that my web presence should be undergoing a bit of a revamp at some point this summer.  Things will be moved around and made much prettier and more useful, but rest assured that I will continue to blog at this URL, even if the format looks a bit different.


Go Deutschland!

Bah. And again, works continues to get in the way of my regular posting. This is just a hiccup for the time being, rest assured, but it will probably last through the rest of this week and I’ll be gone on Monday and Tuesday. Sorry ’bout that.

In happier news, Germany is kicking off against Turkey right now in the Euro, so stop reading this and go watch soccer! Be sure to cheer on the Germans for me, and for you. It’s best for everyone if Germany wins. Well, it’s not best for the Turks, but they renamed Constantinople to Istanbul, so that’s nobody’s business but theirs.

More to come tomorrow and Friday, so stay tuned and don’t give up on me just yet. Hugs and kisses.

 UPDATE (4:50pm):  Germany has eked out a win over Turkey, no doubt thanks to our cheering!  This means that we’ll have to find a place to watch the final up at the cottage.  I’m looking at you, Mom and Dad.

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Somebody’s Gotta Feed the Mosquitoes

I celebrated the beginning of summer through the ages old practice of applying Mr.Clean to musty surfaces.  The cottage floors, walls, counter-tops and tables have all been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and some (but not all) of the furnishings have been dusted.  I also killed countless mosquitoes, spiders and various insects of all kinds and de-webbed the outhouse.  The cottage is now ready for guests.

All that remains is for the lawn to be mowed clear of knee-high “grass” (I use quotation marks because the lawn is really more of a meadow filled with wildflowers, weeds, various grains and mixed berry bushes), a small electrical repair (the front porch light isn’t working) and for a bed to be taken apart and another put together.

Regular cottage weekend attendees will be happy to know that I picked up beer from a local depanneur before all the good stuff sold out, so instead of 50 and Wildcat, we have Heineken and MGD.  Yeah, it’s going to be a high-class affair this weekend.

It’s still not too late to sign-up for this weekend, so let me know if you want to come up for a few days.

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“Oh Sun, I Feel Closer to You Than Ever”

Man, if I were a Druid, I would totally be getting ready to party all night tonight.  Alas, I’m not so I’m preparing to drive up to the cottage, but both are an apt celebration for what’s happening tonight at 7:59pm; it’s the Summer Solstice!!  Doesn’t it just make you wish you were an old timey pagan, so you could coat yourself in animal’s blood and run around screaming all night?  Well, that’s what I imagine them doing at least.

Hopefully the first official weekend of summer doesn’t live up to the forecast, or I’ll be running an electric lawnmower up at the cottage in a rainstorm.  I have plenty to do inside the house as well, so maybe a little rain will just keep me on task and force me to do some mopping and cleaning.  I’ll also be buying a new charcoal BBQ to replace the ancient propane BBQ that finally gave up the ghost last summer (just as we were about to make steaks for dinner).

Let this serve as a reminder to those of you who haven’t let me know if you plan to come to my cottage for Canada Day this year that time will run out shortly, so drop me a line.  I promise we won’t cover you in animal’s blood… just a light sprinkling.

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We Couldn’t Handle the Truth… Apparently

Geez!  You miss a couple of days in your blog and people start thinking you’re dead!  It’s especially funny when the accusers have a blog of their own that was abandoned for months a time. 🙂  Nice to see you writing again, Felicity.

In truth, yesterday was a wildly hectic day in the office and both my personal email and blogging took a hit as a result.  To any of my readers who felt slighted, I offer my humblest apologies.  Today was another story entirely.  I spent the morning waiting to be called upon as a witness in a hearing at the Landlord and Tenant Board of Ontario.  Some good friends (and previous roommates) were forced to file a grievance and I was to testify on their behalf.  Sadly, the court ran out of time and we spent the morning listening to aggrieved landlords and tenants for no reason.  On the plus side, we get to do it all over again later this summer.  Yeah!

So between legal issues and work commitments, I’m a busy dude.  Wow.  I sounded like a troubled celebrity just then.  Woot!

My offer still stands to Dalton.  If he can muster up the courage to ask me “Did you order the Code Red?” during his examination, I will pay him a sum that is between him and me.  It would be worth every penny, but I doubt he needs it.  After all, he’s the king.

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“… one normal beer for me, beacuse I am normal.”

Last night, I watched what I can only say was possibly the darkest comedy I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying A LOT.  It’s a Colin Farrell movie called In Bruges and it was brilliant.  Now, let me preface this by saying that if foul language and graphic violence aren’t your cup of tea, then you should probably just skip this movie completely.  It’s got PLENTY of both, but each instance is used as a device, so from a film perspective, it’s easy to look past.

As the story unfolded, it reminded me of early English literature I studied in University (which ties in nicely with the medieval look of Bruges) where characters with one major flaw and one major talent change (usually for the better) over the course of a brief adventure.  And of course, lots of people die, but each death serves a purpose in furthering the story.

Another element was the introduction of characters and details that seem meaningless, but carry great meaning in the climax.  I really can’t say too much about this, lest you see the film and miss out on the clever unravelling of the story, but rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.

So, in summary, if you don’t mind a bit of bloodshed (but not senseless killing, more story-driven violence), can laugh at dwarf jokes and dark humour and won’t wince at the F word, than this movie is probably right up your alley (or your alcove, as the case may be).  Plus, it’s got some great actors with great accents delivering some AWESOME lines.  Take a look at the Memorable Quotes page for this movie in IMDB to get an idea of what I’m talking about.  Caution: EXTREME langugage abounds on this link… consider yourself warned.


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