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Our Brand New Baby Gretsch

In the past, I’ve referred to the DDGGF (or, the Dave Duncan Gretsch Guitar Fund) and that I’ve been saving up for a particular brand, make and model of electric guitar.  Well, yesterday, with the help of my good friend Craigslist (which I’ve been searching daily for posts in the “Musical Instruments” category for over a year by searching for the keyword “Gretsch”), I found an even more pretty guitar than the black Electromatic G5120BK I’ve been pining over.

My new girl is an Electromatic 5122DC (where the DC stands for Double Cutaway), she’s a deep walnut colour and her name is Annie.  Allow me to introduce her fully to you, after the jump in full photographic glory.  Just click on the thumbnails to view them full-size.

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Still Alive. All Bets are Closed. Winners Will be Paid Shortly.

Ta da!  How’s that for a disappearing trick, eh?  Today is my first day back at work, which means it’s my first day getting up and dressed since Sunday.  My fever has subsided a bit and my body ache has fallen to a dull roar.  I’m starting to think I possibly won’t die.

Four days in bed can make you pretty cagey, so I was actually kind of glad to get up and out of the house, although the dog wasn’t too happy about being left alone in the living room after sharing a nice comfy bed with a feverish sicky.  It’s okay, he doesn’t even know what a flu is, let alone that he might catch one.

Danielle has been avoiding me like the plague (pun intended) lest she get ill before our annual trip to the Osheaga Music Festival this weekend.  She’s also looking forward to embracing her newly attained (via marriage to me) Scottish roots at her first ever Highland Games.  When I told her that she could toss a caber and then a sheaf before having a wee dram and a spot of haggis, she just kind of looked at me like none of that made any sense.  It soon will.  I might even introduce her to Irn Bru, which is possibly the vilest substance on earth… second only to Eatmore bars.

I’m getting kind of woozy now, so that’s all for today.  It’s good to be back.  I still owe you stories and photos from Germany and some pics of little Lamphead the dog, so just be glad I didn’t die.

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At Home, Recovering

After nearly 16 hours of sleep, recovery is coming along well.  Sadly, I’m not talking about our dog, who is recovering even better from his eye surgery than we anticipated.  I’m currently down and out with a summer virus that was passed along by some coworkers who came in regardless of how sick they felt.  Bah.

On the plus side, I got sick on a weekend where it wasn’t really worth going outside.  I also might get to follow all the latest developments in the city garbage strike, although it’s more likely I’ll sleep and watch movies.

Wish me luck and pray for Mojo.

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The New Eyelids Have Been Installed

I just got the call from our vet’s office and Mojo is doing just fine.  The sugery apparently went really well and he’s out cold in the recovery area.  He’ll sleep off the drugs today and get a final check-up with the vet before we pick him up around 6pm and get our full post-op instructions.  Apparently they supply us with a cone, so I won’t have to carve up one of our nice lamps to keep him from playing with his new eyelids before they’re ready.

Is it cruel of me that I’m looking forward to watching him eat with the cone on?  I imagine he’ll have to plant the whole cone on the floor to get his mouth into his bowl, and that’ll look just as funny as it is sad.  I’m a terrible, terrible person.

It might make it easier to play ball with him, if I can just get him to look straight up all the time.  It’d be like doggy basketball.

Enough mockery, I’m just glad that he’s going to be okay and has many years of good eyesight in his future.  Phew.

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Cosmetic Surgery… for our Dog

Sorry posting has been light over the last few days.  My department is currently suffering through an internal audit, and as the ‘budget guy’ that means that countless people have countless questions to which I have few answers.  I’ve been getting very closely acquainted with my email archives and sent mail as well as learning how to efficiently search my computer for long lost files.  Good times.

Our beloved hound Mojo has a date with our local vet tomorrow for some minor cosmetic surgery.  To put it simply, Mojo is having his eyes done.  Although he’s very much a lab from the neck down, his head is made up mostly of the other half of his mix, Shar-pei (aka Wrinkle Dog).  Like every other Shar-pei on earth, that means that he is a strong candidate for something called Entropion.  Simply put, he has so much excess skin on his face, that his lower eyelids actually turn inwards into his eye and the fur will rub against his eyeballs until he eventually goes blind.  We don’t want that.

From Wikipedia:

A common problem is a painful eye condition, entropion, in which the eyelashes curl inward, irritating the eye. Untreated, it can cause blindness. This condition can be fixed by surgery (“tacking” the eyelids up so they will not roll onto the eyeball for puppies or surgically removing extra skin in adolescent and older Shar Pei).

So our little guy is going to have his lower eyelids recreated with a couple of flicks of a scalpel.  This procedure was done at the OSPCA before we got him, but they didn’t take nearly enough skin off, so he’s going through it again.  He’ll be wearing a cone for a few days, so on the plus side, I get to call him “Lamphead”.  It’ll be funny for me, and he won’t get it at all.  Good times.  I’ll be sure to share photos of Lamphead.

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I’m not Giving you the Finger

I’m one step closer to finalizing our photos from Germany, so the stories will be coming fast and furious.  I’m espeically looking forward to sharing a complete review of every different type of beer I drank (yes, I kept track in my Moleskine) and hopefully some of you have also tried them and can add your two cents.

Last night was our first beach volleyball game of the season.  It was the third game for our team, but we missed the last two because of our vacation.  Our team played well, but lost a few games inexplicably.  It’s safe to say that we’ll improve over time as we get used to our positions on the court and playing with each other.

I made more than my share of mistakes, which I’ll chop up to being rusty.  I also managed to jam the middle finger on my right hand pretty solidly, which is making typing this post more than a little difficult.

Fortunately, we had amazing weather for our game, which is not really in keeping with the summer so far.  I have it on good authority from Environment Canada that hot, muggy weather is on its way, which should make just about everyone but me happy.  Oh well, autumn is just a few months away.

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One Small Step for a Man… and his Wife

Everywhere you look today, media outlets are pointing out that today is the 40th anniversary of the first moonwalk, and rightfully so.  What a momentous event in human history; when mankind first stepped onto a celestial body other than earth.  Sadly, all the hullaballoo has overshadowed another milestone in human history that is much closer to my heart.

The day before the moon landing (July 19, 1969) was a beautiful one in Bath, Ontario and specifically at Bath United Church where my parents stood in their finest clothes and were committed to one another in marriage.  I like to think that they had a unique wedding, one of the last to take place before all of mankind could say that human feet had only set foot on one rock hurtling through space.  Just the day after they were married, no other couple could say that ever again.

In 40 years (plus a day), my parents have given birth to and raised three fantastic kids, owned many different cats and dogs and lived in the city, the suburbs and the country.  They’ve worked to support their family, traveled together and spent more time together in a car than most people spend sleeping in a lifetime, and either despite all this, or as a result of it, they’ve stayed happily married for four decades.

Happy anniversary, mom and dad!  Here’s to another 40 years which will hopefully not include moving houses again, but will certainly include laughs around the dinner table and lounging in the backyard.

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Pilgrims From the Lower 48

Getting photos of our Germany trip together were foiled yet again last night, but only for the best of circumstances.  Our friend Allison (who was one of our bridesmaids) and her daughter Madison (who was our flower girl) are in town from Phoenix, Arizona for a family reunion and we managed to steal them away for a couple of days to hang out at our place.

We enjoyed a delicious BBQ on our back deck with entertainment provided by our dog and a family of five young raccoons who were moving around in the trees above our heads.  All that and a curious and cute little 5-year old girl who asks questions about everything made for a hilarious night.

One thing we learned is that Mojo knows a command we never tried before.  Saying “chase your tail” results in him running around in circles (even once he’s caught it) at super high-speed until he nearly falls down.  Then he switches direction and does it all again.  Now if only I could figure out a way to use him to generate electricity, I’d be made in the shade.

All the girls are planning on heading to Paramount Canada’s Wonderland today, so let’s hope the weather holds and they can have fun on the roller coasters while I’m stuck in the office.


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