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We’re Still Here… For Now

Well, despite all the naysayers and doom-bringers, this morning’s successful test of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) did not result in the creation of a black hole that would swallow us all.  Mind you, today’s tests were minor ones just to make sure that the whole thing wouldn’t melt down, so if you’re a naysayer or doom-bringer, there’s hope yet.

I find the success of today’s test to be of personal relief as I have never experienced having the particles of my body forcibly torn apart, and I’m hoping to avoid that as long as possible.  Oh, and all the neat science stuff that goes along with a successful test.  I’m happy about that too, I guess.

I jest of course, all this science is super practical.  Without the knowledge we’ll pick up from these experiments, we might never guess the origins of the universe or realize our collective dream of building a Death Star just in case there is life on Mars and we need to keep it from taking over the earth.  Also, to shut up all those whiners on Alderaan.

So, let us all rejoice in this great scientific endeavor and celebrate its success, at least until we’re all sucked into a black hole, at which point I plan on punching every scientist involved square in the face, if I can find their faces.

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It’s Barely March, but the Madness Continues

Another weekend of games in the NCAA Men’s Basketball tourney and my bracket is still holding on by its fingernails.  Thanks to some serious upsets that nearly killed my chances of coming in first, everyone else got hit by the same games, so there’s an outside chance I could go all the way to the top for the first time in an even numbered year.  I believe that would make me the winningest (a word I picked up watching CBS coverage of the games) bracket submitter in our pool’s existence.

Sadly, for me to win, Duke needs to make it to the final game, which means I have to cheer for Duke.  They’re the most hated team in the entire tourney, and I’ve always disliked them, so this isn’t easy for me.  It’s like being a Leaf fan  and having to cheer for Montreal for your own personal game.  Money makes us do debasing and vile things.

My winnings from last year went directly into the fund for the new guitar I bought in late July (Annie, the Gretsch hollowbody) and I usually spend my winnings on something completely ridiculous, but with the move to the new house looming in less than two weeks, I’m thinking I might have to spend it at Home Depot on renovation supplies like GFCI outlets or NMD90 wiring to replace our older (but still copper and entirely safe) electrical in the house.  The place is crawling with tw0-prong outlets and I already live that nightmare at the cottage.

Oh, and in case you need a little pick-me-up this morning, keep in mind that this is a four-day week.  Good Friday is better than good, it’s grrrrreat.

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Regularly Scheduled Posting Will Resume Shortly

Sorry that my blog, of late, has been about as predictable as the temperature here in Toronto, but it’s been a busy few days here in Daveland.  I won’t bore you with the details (unless I can’t think of anything else to write about), but rest assured that it was an even mix of ‘new house’ and ‘work’.

One thing I did do was try out my new 32-year old body with a night of partying.  Suffice it to say that the newer model doesn’t hold up like older models did, and I’m considering having a word with the manufacturer about this particular defect.  I suspect it’s not covered under warranty and I’ll have to pay for an additional module (like “earlier bedtime” or “less drinks”) that will cramp my style.  Here’s hoping that improvements are made before I upgrade to 33.

Also, thanks to DIY Network being free this month on Rogers Digital Cable (channel 261), I’m convinced that I can easily tackle even the most difficult home improvement in 30 minutes or less.  Hopefully my projects have an equally skilled editor to those who work for DIY.  I have a feeling that disappointment and injury loom in my very near future.

Lastly, something I’ve often meant to write about but haven’t is Turkish Pizza.  It’s astoundingly delicious, but can be hard to find.  I first had it in the Turkish Quarter of Koln in Germany back in my teens, and it hasn’t even been quite a year since I discovered that there’s a place in Toronto that serves it, within walking distance of my house!  Check out Pizza Pide at Pape and Gerrard for some of the tastiest pizza that isn’t even pizza.  And now I’m hungry.

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Open Box, Fill Box, Tape Box Shut; Repeat

I really wish that there was a button you could press that would move everything you own from one house to another, automatically change your address everywhere it’s written down and clean both your old and new house in a matter of seconds.  Is that really so much to ask?  I mean, thanks to this new-fangled “internet” thingy, everything else is practically automated, so why not moving?

Alas, our house in various states of boxing, our cherished valuables are strewn about like stoned hippies at Woodstock and our dog is completely freaked out by it all.

Still, in a few short weeks, we’ll be in our new digs rearranging our furniture and dreaming of renovations and the whole move will be a long-distant memory.  So there’s that to look forward to.  In the meantime, I’ll just have to get used to the taste of packing tape (I tear it with my teeth).

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Today, I Will Get a Haircut

It’s hard to believe, but I think my internal clock is still all messed up from the time change that took place over a week ago.  Granted, much of that week was spent on ‘vacation’, so I didn’t have a routine, but still.  I noticed this last year too, and I’m wondering if my body is secretly protesting the new, earlier Daylight Savings Time that Canada brought in so we’d be in line with our crazy, healthcare-hatin’ neighbours to the south.

Anyway, thanks to a severe lack of sleep and a looming cold, my attention span has been reduced to rubble so I’m going to focus on some of my less thought-heavy tasks today to give myself a bit of a break.  Sadly, that probably should have included writing this, which is why it’s kind of lost its coherence, but if you can’t butterscotch elephant toothpick, fly a dumptruck to Atlantis.

Time to get that haircut.

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Last night was the final curling match of our rec league season, and despite some early losses and being more than a little wet behind the ears, Team Discovery Channel eked into the playoffs and went on to win the championship.  That’s right, we’re number one.  I’d love to brag more, but I’m pretty sure the only people who care are the three other members of the team, and all we’ll get to show for it is a crappy t-shirt, but still, we won.

Speaking of winning, NCAA March Madness anyone?  Day one was kind of tough on my bracket, but it held its own over the next few days and I’m now sitting pretty, poised near the top of our standings surrounded by people whose champion has been knocked out. Aside from the awesomeness of my bracket, the games have been great to watch, with some serious upsets by lower seeded teams and close games that no one expected to be close.  If you’re even mildly interested in basketball, or just like watching heated competition, be sure to tune into the rest of the tourney.

Alas, there are no more games for a few days, so I’ll have to settle for packing boxes for the next week to fill time.  Don’t pity me though, I’m still a TCSSC Curling Champion!  Boo yah.

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Back in TO, But Far From Normal

Okay, so I’m back in Toronto, but life is hardly back to normal.  Danielle has been off all week and that means that today is ‘do everything day’ which includes finalizing our mortgage and tying up a few other legal loose ends before we actually start putting all our belongings in boxes.  Sadly, that’s the next step.

It’s not that I don’t like starting fresh someplace new, I just wish all my stuff magically ended up there in a way that I could start using it again.  I’m not looking forward to searching for weeks for our remote control or some nail clippers.  I guess that’s a small price to pay to own your own home.  Well, at least the parts of it the bank doesn’t technically own.

Have a great weekend.

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24 Hours Until Madness

You have until noon tomorrow to get your brackets in for March Madness.  I’ve already won the Play-in Game, so I’m pretty much doomed, not to  mention that the right side of my bracket is made up almost solely of upsets.  I may as well just flush my $5 down the toilet.

If anyone can claim that it takes no skill or knowledge about basketball to win a March Madness pool, it’s yours truly.  I’ve been winning every other year for a few years now, and it’s getting embarassing.  So, get out there and submit a bracket wherever you can.  It’s surprisingly easy to do and you could always win a few bucks, or maybe even a brand new car.  Who knows?

Also, if you aren’t wearing any green right now, you should pinch yourself.  Happy St. Paddy’s Day.

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