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Confounding the Masked Bandits

Since we moved into our new house, keeping the raccoons out of our green bin has been a failing endeavour for me, and one that made for some unpleasant morning clean-ups after walking the dog.  Well, after a week with a new gadget, I think I can safely say that my raccoon problems are gone for the time being.

Thanks to David LeBer and his blog, I have effectively raccoon-proofed by green bin.  I say ‘effectively’ for two reasons:

  1. I haven’t fixed the bin to the wall yet, so they can still tip it over (although my lid is pretty tight, so I might not have to)
  2. since raccoons are wily and industrious little jerks, if they ever decide they REALLY want to get in, they will.

As David says in his post, you don’t need to make it impregnable, just better secured than the bins of your neighbours so the raccoons move on to easier feasting.

Since my bin is easily seen from our street and sidewalk, I’ve already had a few passers-by asking questions about the contraption and how effective it is, and I’m hoping that all my neighbours don’t copy it because then we’d just end up training a neighbourhood of super raccoons who can work caribineers.

Since we now have bags of used diapers from our Diaper Genie in there, I’m doubly glad that I don’t wake up each morning to an unholy mess strewn across my driveway and lawn.  The only drawback is that getting the caribineer hooked and unhooked is a bit tricky, but that’s the price I pay for a secure lid.

Since the racoons tend to leave our green bin alone once the temperature drops below zero, I probably won’t have to use the lock in the seasons when handling a piece of steel is most unpleasant.

So if you’ve got problems with vermin getting into your trash or compost, give this a try.

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Cinq Ans

So keeping this thing updated is tougher than I would’ve guessed, so you guys are just going to have to wait for photos of Sebastian until I have time to get some up. In the meantime, I’ll try to post more regularly, but those posts will be short.

For example, today is a pretty banner day for our little household. Exactly five years ago today, my good friend Kenneth introduced me to a beautiful young woman who would quickly become my girlfriend, then my fiancee, then my wife and finally the mother of my son.

Five years doesn’t seem like a long time, but it’s felt like a lifetime (in a good way), and in Sebastian’s case, his entire lifetime has taken place (all one month of it) in that time.

So, I’d like to throw a huge thanks to Kenneth for introducing us and bigger thanks to Danielle for putting up with me for five wonderful years. I can’t wait to see what the next five years have in store for us!

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More Apologies. Real Content is Coming, I Promise.

In the nearly 8 years that I’ve been writing in this blog, I’ve had a few short periods of inactivity for various reasons (offline for vacation, etc), but none of those lulls were nearly as long as the most recent one.  Frankly, I’d like to write more, but the basic needs of my growing family have come first, so it’ll likely be short, unevenly spaced posts for the next little while.

Danielle and I are still working on a marathon post how Sebastian came into this world (edited for both graphic content and time) that will include plenty of photos, so just be patient.

In the meantime, the most significant news to share is that we’re both insanely tired but very much enjoying spending time with Sebby and showing him off to friends and family.  Due to the recent heatwave, it’s been tricky getting him out for walks, but we’re always welcome to visitors from the outside world at our house.  So, if you would like to meet him, just let us know.

You can also look forward to some multimedia being shared on here in the near future.  I’ve been singing some original songs to our little boy that he seems to enjoy, so when I refine them a bit I’ll record and post them.  Two working titles right now include “Push that poop out” and “Are you hungry or gassy?”

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