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The Secrets of Colic

Before becoming a parent, I’d often wondered what exactly “colic” was, and why it made babies scream so much.  Now that I’ve earned my membership in the fatherhood club, I feel like I can share the secret of colic with all of you.

Nobody knows what it is or what causes it.  More importantly, there is no known way to get rid of it.  “Colic” is just a catch-all term for mysterious belly pain that causes a baby to wail like an air horn, usually just as you’re falling into a deep sleep.

There are ‘remedies’ that you can try at your own risk (Gripe Water, lotions, potions and other mixtures), but so far, the best solution I’ve found is bouncing the little guy lightly while singing softly until he calms down.  It’s tiring, but it works.

So hopefully you can read between the lines in this post and will forgive me for not posting in the last month, but newborns are hard work.  When he’s not crying, he’s either sleeping (when we get chores done) or he’s awake and so cute that I don’t want to be away from him, so my online life will probably continue to suffer in the short term.

That being said, I still hope to post some photos of Sebby soon, and the wait will be worthwhile.

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