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An Empty House; A Long To-Do List

As of yesterday afternoon, I’m basically 2/3 incomplete as a person.  Danielle and Sebastian headed off to Montreal to get a kickstart on the holiday season while I’m left to make sure my office doesn’t collapse and to walk the dog.  The house is quiet, which helps with sleep, but it’s too quiet without the most important people in my life around me.

While they’re gone, I can finally get at a few household chores that I’ve had to put off due to “not around the baby” concerns.  These include projects that make lots of noise, require the use of dangerous power tools in the house (HOORAY!)  and those requiring the use of paint (a few touchups are required here and there).

I guess I need to update the age-old saying to “when the cat’s away, the mice get busy and do some housework and other chores”, which doesn’t sound nearly as fun, but as anyone else out there who takes their ever-growing To-Do List as seriously as I do, it’s a welcome chance to play catch up and start the new year with a few less checkboxes than the previous year started with.

So here’s to hard work and generously-poured drams of Single Malt Scotch!

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There’s a Tree in our Living Room!

After some hard work and diligence, our 2011 Christmas tree is standing majestically in our living room, fully decorated and with a whittled-down trunk (so it could fit in our Christmas tree stand).  If it hadn’t been warm and rainy last night, I probably would’ve laid awake listening for reindeer hooves on our roof.

Now that the house is decorated and we’ve had our first annual Cute Baby Photoshoot (more on this later this week), all that remains is some shopping, wrapping and the consumption of heavenly delectables.  Christmastime is here.

Sebby was pretty interested in all the decorating, but still way too young to process what’s going on.  I’m looking forward to the coming years when he can be more involved and our traditions grow to include him.  This year, he ‘helped’ Danielle put up his “My First Christmas” ornament and then watched the rest of the proceedings from the comfort of his chair.  Mojo, on the other hand, wanted to be heavily involved, and may or may not have ended up wearing a new collar made of garland.

There are now just 20 days until Christmas.

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Timeline Snippet from Today’s Commute

8:20am  Step on crowded subway car at Yonge and Bloor heading south.  Not ‘sardine’ packed, but far from comfortable.  Middle-aged woman standing nearby is blaring Celine Dion on her iPod with crappy earphones.  The music is clearly audible to everyone within 10 feet.

8:21am Someone asks her to turn it down, and she just shakes her head.  Unsure if she couldn’t hear or didn’t care.  Twenty-something dude says to everyone “I got this” and pulls a big set of headphones from his bag, puts them around his neck and starts to queue up something on his iPod.

8:22am Everyone was expecting something loud and modern.  Dance music?  Rap?  Norweigan Death Metal?  Nope.  “Mele Kalikimaka” as sung by Bing Crosby blaring loud enough that everyone within TWENTY feet heard it.

8:23am Much laughter from the subway car.  I have a new hero.


The Oneth of Decemeber

Never in my life has time flown by as quickly as the last 4 and a half months.  It seems like just yesterday that I was out grocery shopping and came home to find Danielle in the early stages of labour, and here we are on the doorstep of Christmas with the first snowfall (well, heavy flurries) already come and gone.

I’ve been asked to provide a Sebby update, so I’m happy to report that he’s happy, healthy and his sleeping has drastically improved.  For the most part, he sleeps from 7pm to 10pm (when Danielle wakes him up for a feed), then through to 3am (another feed) and finally gets up around 7am with naps through the day.  He’s always been a happy a little camper, so I haven’t noticed much of a personality change in him with more sleep, but I know that both Danielle and I are a LOT sunnier.  🙂

With family visiting over the next couple of weekends, I’m hoping to steal some time to get a small online gallery up, or at the very least to share some recent photos of the little guy in here.  Posting photos can be time consuming (finding, resizing, etc), which is why I’ve been lazy so far, but I’m eager to play the role of proud papa and show him off.

I might even share a video Danielle shot last night of me playing “Sunday Bloody Sunday” to him.  He’s entranced by the guitar, which is pretty awesome.  Still, I’m holding out hope that he’ll be drummer someday.  The world already has too many guitarists.

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