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I See a Cottage Trip in my Future

As far as random blog updates go, it appears I’m now the king.  I blame a combination of having a job that requires actual work and still not getting as much sleep as an adult requires, but since this content is free to you, I have no need to apologize for sparse updates (Joel, I’m looking at you).

Sleep is still elusive in our house, but some nights are better than others, so we’re closer to the end than the beginning… I hope.

This weekend we’ll be hosting “les grandparents” (Danielle’s dad and stepmom), so I’ll need to brush up on my French.  The following weekend, I’ll be heading up to the cottage on my own with Mojo to open it up for the season and babyproof it as much as possible since we’ll all be heading up there as a family on Victoria Day weekend.

Technically, I’ll be up there to work, but I also plan on getting some sleep and doing a bit of relaxing.  Frankly, I think I’ve earned it.

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