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So Much To Do, So Little Time

It’s been a while without an update, so here’s why.  My pneumonia is still hanging around in my chest, although it gets a little better each day.  I think it got lonely so it invited a serious sinus infection a couple of weeks ago, so I’m treating that now too.  Sebby has a serious head cold (which is probably what caused my sinus infection), so no one in the house is sleeping all that well, which means getting better is just a far off dream at this point.

Aside from his cold, he’s doing great.  He’s walking around like crazy and talking up  a storm (both in French and English).  I’m impatiently waiting for the first snow of the season so we can play in the yard and make snowmen and snowballs, but I know that’s a while off yet.

While I’m recovering, my household projects are on hold as it takes most of our energy just to take care of every day chores, but I’ve got plenty of work in the house for later this fall and winter, including finally finishing the basement (baseboard and a drop ceiling).  Now that we have our new shed up in the yard, I’ll have to take apart the old one and hire a junk company to come pick it up and some random odds and ends of wood and metal that were lying around in the yard.

Once all that is done, I’ve got a short list of electrical work (some new outlets upstairs, light switches for some fixtures that have pull cords and an exhaust fan in our steamy bathroom), and then I’ll feel like we have a fully functional home.  Well, at least until I find some more projects to keep me busy.

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