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“Penguin, James Penguin… super spy”

I just got back from my tux fitting for Kenneth’s wedding in May, and the whole experience brought back some fond memories of mine and Danielle’s wedding.  Kenneth went with the same store (Moore’s has great service and can accommodate for groomsmen across Canada and even the States), so I was back at the same location on Yonge Street where I was fitted all those years ago.

There’s something magical about the wedding tuxedo, regardless of whether you’re the groom or one of the guys chosen to act as bookends at the ceremony.  It gives every man an air of class and sophistication, even if it’s a rental, and that’s something that every guy can use a bit more of in his life.  As soon as you put it on, you feel like you should be sipping martinis and have a small handgun strapped to your ribs in case one of Ernst Bloefeld’s henchmen show up to throw a spanner in the works.

So between now and late May, I’ll be sorting out how best to groom my facial hair and working on my Sean Connery imperSHonation so I can be sure to demonstrate how debonair I can be in my fitted duds.

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“Water is Falling From the Sky in a Solid State. I’m Confused”

We interrupt this long hiatus from posting (3 months!) with a late-breaking news bulletin:

It snows in Canada.  All winter, in fact.  I don’t mean continually for the duration of the entire season, but on and off throughout it.  Sometimes it snows a little and sometimes it snows a lot.  Maybe it melts or turns to ice, but before April, you can be pretty sure that if it’s snowing, it will probably snow again.

So why on earth is everyone acting like yet another snowfall at the end of February is a sign of the end times?  This hasn’t even been a particularly snowy winter and you’d think that we were collectively buried under eight feet of the stuff.

Phew.  There. I got that off my chest.  Thanks for listening.  I’ll see you again in another three months. Or sooner.  Or later.  Maybe when it snows next.

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