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My March Madness is Passing

As in years past, I submitted a bracket in Jared’s annual NCAA March Madness pool and have been doing just “okay”.  Miraculously, this weekend I moved into a three way tie for first place, just as my ridiculous pick for overall champion (Wichita St.) was predictably knocked out.  I’m still sitting on top of the pool, but my visit there will likely be short.  Sigh.

Life in general is good though.  Our new baby is set to arrive on or around Labour Day, which is ironic enough that I’m worried he or she might be born a hipster.  We also took some time this weekend to upgrade our out-of-date phones (Danielle was on a jailbroken iPhone 3G and I was on a 4 and she got a 5C and I got a 5S), watch some basketball and finally got around to watching the second Hunger Games movie.

In addition, I’m posting here for the first time in 6 months.  So life is pretty good.  Now if only this unending winter would admit its time is up and give in to the budding spring.  If only.

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