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The Soccer Solstice

To start things off, this is a gentle reminder that THERE IS NO SOCCER TONIGHT.  Soccer has been moved to sunday afternoons (which means I’m out for at least the next two weeks) at 1:30pm in Moss Park.  Click the ZLF banner to get all the details…


The next most important thing I have to get out there is that despite what everyone keeps telling me, today is NOT the first day of fall.  The seasons are not bound by specific calendar dates, but instead depend on the date and time that the sun is either directly over the equator (the vernal equinox and autumnal equinox) or is at it’s furthest point from the equator (the winter solstice and summer solstice).  This year’s autumnal equinox will take place at just after midnight (EDT) on September 23rd, so despite the six degree temperatures this morning, it’s still summer.  So don’t put away your short-shorts and flip-flops just yet.

Aside from the ‘scientific summer’, there are other social indicators that summer isn’t over yet.  For one, I still have an outstanding wedding invite for Thanksgiving weekend, and for another the heat hasn’t been turned on at Pembroke Castle (although with our utility bills, that could go well into November… we’re tough… and cheap).  My Birkenstocks haven’t gone into storage yet, and Apple Cider isn’t for sale everywhere you go.

I’m looking forward to fall… as usual.  Although Thanksgiving is early this year (which means all the colours might not be out by the long weekend), I love the crisp sunny mornings and easy access to the aforementioned apple cider.  It’s the perfect season.  And it’s just two days away.

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  1. SSS September 21st, 2006 2:57 pm

    Who wears short shorts?