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Christmas at Home

I’ve got just one day left up here, but so far I’ve been enjoying the spoils of Christmas at home.  There are baked goods piled high on the counter, candies and other goodies spilling out of every cupboard, and the fridge is packed with leftover turkey, stuffing, gravy and potatoes.  Still, one of my favourite treats is something far simpler.

Growing up, we didn’t drink much (or any) wine in our house.  It wasn’t until I was nearly in my twenties that corks started popping in our house, and that meant that at special occiasions there was only one drink that we would find in our crystal goblets… equal parts Cranberry Cocktail and Ginger Ale.  I’m in love with it… but not enough so that I would ever go to the trouble of buying a bottle of cranberry juice and a bottle of ginger ale.  So while I’m here, I’m getting my fill.  It’s especially good after over-stuffing yourself on turkey and stuffing.  A glass of this stuff is as good as schnapps at packing your stomach down to make room for pie. 

Mmmm, pie.  I’ll think I’ll go carve myself out a piece right now.

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