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Back to School

So far, 2007 has been a year of new information overload. Between my new camera and my foray into the world of Linux, I’m packing my brain with new ideas, new terminology (the hardest part, by far) and new skills. It’s really exciting to be learning so many new things at once, but it also has its complications. For example, last night I was searching my Linux file system for a folder with a random string of numbers for a name, and rather than copy the name from my notepaper, I was typing in aperture values I’d been reading about in a photography magazine.

This reminds me of my early days of high school when I started taking German in addition to French. I had one right after the other in the morning, and that meant that I frequently confused and blended the two to create a patois. I called it ‘Freutsch’ (Fran├žais and Deutsch) and I still speak it from time to time.

Hopefully all this new knowledge will take root by the time I start learning Swahili this spring, and I begin to study and memorize all the contents of Wikipedia. I should also be able to field-strip a Volvo engine in 7.3 minutes (while taking high-quality photographs) and describe what I’m doing to onlookers in English, French, German, Swahili… and Freutsch. [This is where the wheels completely came off this blog post thanks to fatigue and frequent interruptions from co-workers and friends]

Where was I again? Oh yeah, my brain is full. I think that means I need to go on vacation and unlearn some stuff.

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