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Connect the Dots, La La Lala

It’s amazing how little information your eyes need to convert raw information into something useful. A flash of colour, a blurry shape… and your eye can detect context to give shape to an object. Pretty cool stuff.

That’s basically the idea behind rasterized images (which is how we look at ALL pictures on computers and printed out from them), but you can take it one step further and make it into art. Like in pointillism, these dots can be used to trick your eye in a much more overt manner… so you can see that you’re being tricked.

That’s what makes the Rasterbator such a cool (FREE) tool. Basically, you upload a photo like this…

… crop it, choose the number of pages you’d like it print on (the more you use, the bigger the image… and the more work you have cutting) and Rasterbator automatically creates a PDF document of your image on multiple pages for print… all in spaced-out dots.

That image is 5×3 letter sheets printed, and is presently gracing the living room wall above my piano. The further back you stand, the less ‘dotty’ it looks.

Cutting out all the page trim is A LOT of work, and taping the sheets so they line up ‘just so’ is no picnic either, but the end product really comes together. When you start with your original PDF (here’s mine), you don’t believe that it’ll be a recognizable image, but once it’s together, you’re in disbelief. Give it a try!

In case you’re wondering how I find this stuff, I was checking Andrew‘s links and came across Apartment Therapy which had written a post on it. Voila!

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