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This Little Piggy Went…

So last night, Jared leaves the house in the early evening for about 40 minutes and comes back in with a box under his arm and a grin as big as a truck on his face. In the box, is a brand new Wii. Weeeeeeeee! He had a floor hockey game later in the evening, so he hooked it up and we played some bowling together. Once he was gone, I had it all to myself.

I had no interest in the Wii before, but I was hooked pretty quickly. The remote controller thingy is SUPER-responsive to all your movements, and the system is highly tweakable (Jared and I have already created our Miis).

Just when I think I might be on the outside of cool technology (because I happen to be getting pretty old), something comes out that drags me right back in. Bah.

(Note: This entire post was written without the use of apostrophes or quotation marks. I did an OS upgrade in Linux to one that uses less system resources, and I am having a little trouble getting my keyboard to do everything it should. On the plus side, it is FAR more efficient.)

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