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So after much labouring and gnashing of teeth, I’m back on Ubuntu (with Gnome) for my operating system. I reinstalled from scratch last night and installed all my necessary programs (email, FTP, bit torrent, web dev, image processing and iPod & music) and codecs (for video). Now I just need to fiddle with all those little settings that make an OS your own (Desktop image, resolution, font sizes, installed fonts, screensaver, etc).

Once I’m back up and running, I can get back to working with pictures and maybe we’ll have some more in here… maybe. There’s rumour of a x-country skiing or snowshoeing trip on sunday that would result in some pretty awesome pictures if this cold weather holds out.

Speaking of cold weather, I’m as happy as, well… you know. Once it gets below -10 and the air gets sharp and clear, for some inexplicable reason I feel very alive. I should move further north, or at least away from the lake.

In other news, I got sick of getting invitations to Facebook that I couldn’t access, so I joined up. I didn’t bother putting up any photos or postings (since I have this fancy-dancy site, and all) so I just point people here. Anyways, I’ve noticed an increase in traffic here since I put the link up there and I’m wondering if Facebook is the reason. Let me know if that’s how you ended up here, either in the comments below or by email.

I’ll let the more judgmental of you decide if I’m pandering for comments or not, but I’m pretty curious at how my readership here seems to be evolving, and yet so many of you choose to remain silent. Perhaps it’s time for a poll… or maybe you fear being roped into writing for SilentTalkie (a very appropriate fear) or being converted to Linux (not a real fear… it’s not for everyone).

Speaking of good times


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  1. SSS January 25th, 2007 10:12 am

    Are you aware there is an option to “Poke Dave” from you Facebook site?

    I remember when you used to have to see someone in person to poke them.

    The times they are a-changin’

  2. Marty January 25th, 2007 10:57 am

    Long time reader,
    first time caller.
    No I’m not.
    Comments make people feel happy.
    Do you feel happy now Dave?

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