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This is What it All Boils Down To…

Boils. Well, more accurately furuncles. That’s apparently what’s been plaguing my leg for the last week or so, not bites. Apparently these furuncles are easily diagnosed and treated, which means that my weekend of waiting at the clinic near Dundas and Bay to be told they were nothing was a waste. Don’t go there. Go elsewhere.

The treatment is to soak a rag in hot saline solution and then press the rag on the furuncles to draw out the pus and infection. Not to get TOO graphic, but there are few things weirder than lying on your bed with warm, wet, salty rags pressed to your bare ass and thighs. Don’t believe me? Go home and try it! Fortunately, it appears to be working, and even the bad infection is starting to clear up.

Sadly, all this ridiculousness has meant that my contribution to SilentTalkie this week was pretty minimal. Just the Top Ten and the poll. Next week will be pretty sweet though. Just enjoy this issue in the meantime.

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  1. Marty February 28th, 2007 10:03 am

    but you do have two great roommates to help with the salt rag application. now that’s a scary thought.

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